Boy Jeans Ripped: Best Styles, Looks, And Reviews!

    Boy Jeans Ripped

    A few years ago, an unsung style hero concluded that just because his favorite jeans developed some rips on the knee or minor abrasions on the thigh, no law required him to throw them away immediately. He likely noticed that his old beaten-up denim looked pretty badass, despite its condition. That was the rest of the story, as they say. Throughout the years, ripped jeans have been one of the most popular ways men have used to channel punk rockers, grunge superstars, and even their favorite rappers. 


    On the other hand, there is an inundation of pre-ripped jeans available on the market, and not all of them are up to scratch. When you think about it, ripped jeans, whether they are elegantly draped on a rack in some designer store or handcrafted, are one of the easiest things to mess up. Therefore, we have devised these extremely detailed guidelines so that you can follow them the next time you want to tear things up in the world of denim.


    What Is The History Of Ripped Jeans?

    We are going to take a quick trip down memory lane. At the time of the invention of jeans, late in the 19th century, ripped or distressed jeans were the sign of a hard day's work. If someone is wearing ripped jeans, this usually means that they have a job that requires a lot of manual labor, and the jeans have had to take a beating.


    As the grunge movement gained popularity in the 1990s, distressed clothing became one of the hottest fashion trends. It is no wonder that people loved the casual look of ripped jeans so much that they now have them in their closets. My first impression was that it seemed a little odd that a company would make the perfect pair of jeans only to add distressed rips to them.


    Can Boys Have Ripped Jeans?

    To remedy this situation, I think it's about the right time to get your guys into some ripped denim of their own and to do something about it. The problem with that is that it is easier said than done with the guys; it depends a lot more on the style and wash of the jeans and the kind of rips they have than with the ladies. The problem with men's jeans is that you can quickly look either as if you're trying too hard when the rips are too artificial or if you don't care enough about how you look if the tears are random.


    It is important to remember that there are two kinds of fashion victims: someone who tries too hard to look good and does not care enough about what they wear. I believe that the best pair of ripped jeans for men are those that already come in a vintage wash, preferably in a lighter shade of blue. You can add some scraps, holes, and shreds to that, and you will be good to go. If your jeans are still brand new, or the wash is too dark, then it will not work, and you will appear as someone who is victimized by fashion.


    The Difference Between Holes, Scrapes, And Shreds


    In a way, holes are like windows that allow people to see your legs from the outside. When the holes are horizontally spread across one leg, it makes the whole look more natural. Your jeans should not have a spot that is larger than a couple of inches when you are standing up. A hole in the middle of the hole exposes more of your knee or leg when you sit down. 



    There are a few minor scratches on the surface of your jeans; they tend to be relatively sparse and rather small. You should avoid using jeans with too many scrapes to avoid an artificial appearance.



    There is still some paper that covers the hole and covers it up, but these are only a few shards of paper. Furthermore, it would also be better if they were divided into smaller amounts in the long run. It is not a good idea to use too many shreds pieces on your jeans, as that will only damage them.


    What Can Boys Wear With Ripped Jeans?

    As previously mentioned, distressed and ripped jeans first made their debut back in the early 2000s when Tsubi, now Ksubi, painted, torn, and chopped men's jeans for the masses. Everyone was doing it within a brief period, including several high-profile American menswear brands. Even though the ripped jeans trend slowed down in the early 2010s, it returned towards the decade's end. Scott Disick, Kanye West, Justin Theroux, and other Hollywood celebrities are known for wearing ripped denim jeans as part of their everyday casual attire.


    Choose A Distressed Denim Style That Suits You

    Choosing jeans appropriate for your body type, style, shape, and the occasion at hand is very important. Indeed, ripped denim is unsuitable for all events, but you can step out in fashion if you follow the information below.


    Vintage Distressed

    In my opinion, vintage denim is the best if you have the time. These jeans have worn well, been worn multiple times, and repaired many times. Let's look at the APC Butler Program as an example. You can sell your old jeans to APC, and we will fix them and sell them to someone who will love them again.


    Lightly Distressed

    The truth is that you can buy a factory-made pair of ripped jeans from many brands these days. The trick here is to choose a well-made team with rips and cuts that improve the look of the jeans. Several brands are known for their expertise in this area, such as Saint Laurent, John Elliot, and DSquared2.


    Shredded Or Eurotrash

    Since the advent of clothing brands like Amiri and DSquared2, the Eurotrash denim trend has been in full swing for quite some time. Shredded denim is often over the top, embellished, and splattered with paints when it comes to shredded denim. 


    Distressed Boy-Jeans-Ripped & The Right Footwear


    When choosing relaxed or slim-legged ripped jeans, the best choice is to select sneakers, even if you are more inclined to choose slim-legged ripped jeans. With the drape of the jeans, you can pair low sneakers with them. However, if your jeans are more extended, high tops look even better.


    Work Boots & Chukkas

    For men looking for a way to wear their ripped jeans out of sneaker land and into the world of work boots, the chukka or work boot is a great choice, and I would describe this as a level up in dress code when sneakers are just not appropriate.


    Chelsea & Dress Boots

    Last but not least, the Chelsea boot or dress boot and ripped jeans combination is a great way to dress up. There is nothing better than a night out bar hopping or a casual dinner with friends, maybe even a casual Friday night. It is best to combine slim and skinny jeans with the Chelsea boot.


    Outfits To Match Distressed Ripped Jeans

    Distressed Ripped Jeans & A Blazer

    A ripped pair of jeans and blazer can be worn with a tee or dress shirt and can even be paired with some high-quality sneakers, perhaps white or black; otherwise, a simple brown Chelsea boot will also do fine. I think the combination of the blazer jacket with the ripped jeans would be perfect for a night out, concert hopping, or enjoying drinks at a more upscale establishment. It would even be perfect for a night out with your girlfriend.


    It is recommended to wear a classic black blazer more often than any other color. You can also wear burgundy or maybe even a green tuxedo jacket if you want to be more daring. You might want to match your blazer with your footwear. Suit jackets and tuxedo jackets are acceptable, and you should ensure that the jackets are correctly fitted.


    Distressed Ripped Jeans & A Leather Jacket

    Imagine Justin Theroux hitting the town for a night of awesomeness and frivolity in New York. You should pull out your leather or suede jacket and wear it with your ripped denim when the weather gets chilly.


    An example of a standard style would be a biker jacket. We would only avoid anything hooded or too long if it consisted of leather. There are many great brands you can choose from for leather jackets to wear with your ripped jeans, including The Kooples, Saint Laurent, and even AllSaints. As far as color is concerned, black tends to work with all denim colors. However, brown suede or leather tends to work better with denim darker in the shade.


    Distressed Ripped Jeans & A Shirt

    If you are going to a dressier occasion such as a date, a store opening, or a fashion week after-party, you may like to wear your ripped jeans with a casual shirt. The perfect pair of ripped jeans can be complemented by denim blue or black shirts, plain button-down shirts, and even printed shirts. Combine with a belt and choose either partially tucked, wholly, or untucked, depending on your preference.


    Distressed Ripped Jeans & A T-Shirt

    You can always rely on a t-shirt when the weather is warm, or you're simply out of new ideas. If you are wearing plain-colored t-shirts, you might consider some branded luxury t-shirts if your budget allows. There is a great white and black two-pack of tee shirts sold by Paul Smith, and if you are looking for cheap basic t-shirts, my recommendation would be Topman.


    Distressed Ripped Jeans & An Bomber Jacket

    We recommend pairing your denim with a bomber jacket during the more fantastic spring and autumn evenings. These are when you can get creative with patterns, colors, and prints. The Kooples, The REISS, COS, and even Zara have some great bomber jackets that won't break the bank.


    Distressed Ripped Jeans & An Overcoat

    Layering up is a must when the weather turns cold. You might wonder, 'then why do I wear jeans with holes on them,' and we agree with you, but it's all part of the fashion industry. You have to grin and bear it. The blue denim and black overcoats are solid choices, and the blue denim and camel overcoat. In addition, Acne is making some great overcoats in various colors to suit any figure.


    Layer up with a t-shirt and sweatshirt or think knit from the likes of Uniqlo. Keep the colors basic, and let your overcoat do all the talking. Choose your boots wisely too. Be prepared for rain, hail, and shine.


    How Big Should The Rips Be?

    Make sure that the size of the rips on the legs of the jeans that you choose is not too small or too large. Ideally, you will want a pair of pants with slits that are no wider than the width of the leg underneath the garment. As much as you might want to show everyone that you have been skipping leg day, that's the last thing you want to do. It is not just a matter of style, but this is also a matter of practicality because if your legs can fit through the holes, they will pop out when you bend.


    You also have to decide how much of the leg you want to rip, which is a matter of style. It is common for some pairs of jeans to have shredded rips trailing down the legs, while others could have a few minor stains. There is nothing wrong with either option. Once you have decided on one, it is all about what style works best for you.

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