Cloud Sofas: The Comfy, Cozy Trend You Cannot Miss

Cloud Sofa

Cloud Sofa

Christie James

Christie James
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Updated on 5/29/2023

There are many names this sofa goes by cloud sofa, cloud couch, Cloud sectional, tiny piece of heaven, top of my wishlist; you get the idea. Whether you want to call it a cloud sofa, you can't deny the charm or the relaxed vibe a cloud sofa brings. Want to learn more? We'll tell you more; Read on to learn everything you need to know!


What Is A Cloud Sofa?

A cloud sofa is just what it sounds like! Essentially, they are exactly what you think of them being! Dreamy, soft, feathery oasis without sharp edges but with everything you need for complete comfort. As a result of its low frame and almost invisible legs, it makes it appear as if it is floating in your living room. Usually, this type of sofa tends to be upholstered in white or cream, but you can also find these beauties upholstered in black, gray, brown, navy, etc.! The cushions of a cloud sofa tend to be larger than any ordinary couch cushion. Since there will be fewer breaks in the cushioning, it will be easier to get comfortable when you're napping.


How Do I Style A Cloud Couch? 

In addition to the fact that a cloud sofa comes with built-in pillows, another benefit of the cloud sofa is that you can skip purchasing additional cushions. Just throw on some throws, and you are all set! If you are pairing it with a coffee table, we suggest picking something that doesn't have too much height. The shorter coffee table helps to keep the sofa as the focal point of the room since a taller coffee table would throw the room's proportions out of whack. 


Clients have requested the cloud sofa continuously. On paper, the 100% down feather-filled cushion covered by your "custom" choice of upholstery may sound lovely. However, it does function as delightfully as it does on paper in practice. The clients are often drawn to how the Cloud is designed using its relaxed and modern look. Even though there is nothing wrong with modernity and a comfortable setting, the way this sofa is built creates a lot of stress in the home. As for the first, more straightforward issue, the oversized frame makes it difficult to install into homes - so you need to double-check your door widths to ensure it will work in your home. 


The oversized depth of the sofa is often an attraction for tall clients or those who like to watch movies on their sofa. RH is known for its deep cushions. The Cloud may seem cuddly to you and wrap around you like a hug, but your grandmother or great aunt might think differently. This sofa is comparable to a bean bag chair in that it sits very low to the ground and is very difficult to get out of.


This problem is also not helped by the cushion filling, which is made up of 100% down feathers. Like your down feather bedding, the feathers relax and compress when you sit on it, similar to when you sit on a cloud. The only issue is that since so many feathers are used to fill it, its weight compresses it and prevents it from fluffing back up after you sit up. The result is that each sofa cushion should be regularly fulled after every use to ensure it keeps its fluffiness. Even if that wasn't enough to irritate you, try lifting one of those cushions yourself. Whether you believe it or not, you should visit an RH nearest you and test how much these feathers can weigh. Trust me; you will not be able to lift that every day. 


These are things that salespeople won't share with people who are willing to spend $14K on a couch, in my opinion. I should also let you know that 100% linen upholstery is also a nightmare. Because the sofa does not bounce back after sitting on it, the fabric remains depressed and wrinkles with every touch. In addition, linen attracts stains for children as well. 


In summary, keep in mind that bigger is not always better for size. Please ensure that your cushion fill is the right balance of synthetic materials and down so that you have a comfortable sleeping experience. There should be noted that the exact percentage will vary based on the individual's preferences. If you are going to place a custom order, make sure you bring home a sample of the fabric before agreeing to the terms of the order. If you rub it on your dog, you will be amazed at how much hair it collects. Let your two-year-old play with it for an afternoon, and you will be surprised at how hard it is to clean - you will not regret it. 


If You Love The Iconic Cloud Couch, You'll Be Obsessed With These Chic Sofas.

Restoration Hardware's Cloud couch may not have a name, but you've likely seen it. The sofa was launched in 2015 and went viral (even becoming a celebrity favorite) for its chic modern shape and inviting, cozy cushions (filled with goose down), which will give you the feeling of floating on air. There's no doubt that the cloud couch is a luxurious statement piece, and it's priced to match: one corner of the Couch is priced at up to $4,000! You can make or break your living room by choosing the best sofa, and it won't break your bank account. You can choose from various seating arrangements for your home, from comfortable futons to clever sleeping sofas.


We understand it's hard to rely on your timeline when everyone is waiting in line for one sofa, especially with heightened shipping delays for furniture. We searched high and low to find the best alternatives if you haven't gotten your hands on the cloud couch yet. Here are some of our favorite picks that are

a) unbelievably plush, b) in a crisp modern silhouette, and c) with many floppy cushions.


Cloud Sofa

Here are the sofas that spawned a million copies. Check out the Cloud here if you're ready to invest. In addition to being beautiful, the white linen cushions are filled with 100% down feathers. Choose from over 150 fabric options if you'd like to customize the Couch. To fit into your living room, you can choose from the ottoman, corner, or armless couch section (or all three).


Sunset Trading Cloud Puff

The Cloud Puff Collection from Sunset Trading is genuinely as comfortable as it looks. Relax in your home, loft, or apartment with this excellent sectional collection. Imagine yourself floating on a cloud. The sleek, low-profile frame makes the configurable sofa, loveseat, and ottoman ideal for open living spaces. With pillow-top feather seating supported by inner springs, this is as comfortable as a bed to use in your dorm, spare bedroom, or office. Create the ultimate lounge by building your modular left or right-facing sofa, corner, armless and ottoman that conforms to your needs. This washable, soft fabric slipcover is ideal for kids, pets, and parties with unexpected spills. We love this collection! 


The Cloud Modular Sofa

After receiving so many inquiries on where our sofa/sectional is from, I thought I would write a post about it and share our opinions. Our sofa is a Chaise Sectional in the Classic Size in Belgian Linen Fabric in the color Mist from Restoration Hardware.


As a whole, we are totally in love with this sofa-both for its aesthetics and comfort. After delaying our decision, we selected this piece, but we viewed it as a long-term investment. It is extremely well made and comfortable. It is incredible how well the fabric holds up and how easily it comes off--literally, the complete sofa cover comes off. There are no loose feathers on ours because they are filled with 100% down.


There is only one con to this chair, and that is the fact that it sits low, which makes it a little more challenging to get on and off.


Harmony Modular Sectional

When you have this modular sectional, your living room will be the focal point of attention. This Couch can fill up a large entertaining area with ample space.


The Dune

The Dune sofa from Maiden Home has an elegant, slipcovered frame that ensures easy relaxation. Also, the product is manufactured in the U.S. so you will receive it very quickly.


Haven Sectional Sofa

This six-piece Couch should look like a stormy cloud that you can kick your feet up on without worrying about anything at all. It is filled with down feathers and a five-inch layer of foam for extra comfort and support. We made this mattress of linen fabric, which is very easy to clean.


Kova Pit

With Albany Park's sofa-in-a-box delivery, you avoid long delivery times and confusing instruction manuals. After being taken out of the box, the flat-packed sofa retains its soft, cloud-like shape (and feel). You can enhance our living room with seven beautiful color options.


Malone 2-Pc. Reversible Sectional Sofa

It is the perfect sectional if you would rather have a faux leather couch that still looks like a cloud couch with the effortless style of a traditional sofa. The sectional includes two throw pillows.


“89'' Sofa

By removing the removable cushions and seats, you will be able to get the most comfortable seating you have ever experienced. You can even convert it into a queen-sized bed if you're hosting guests for the weekend.


Cloud Puff Navy Blue Sofa

This Couch is made from performance fabric in high-traffic areas to withstand busy families and pets. With this navy blue slipcover, you can have an attractive color and a cloud couch in your living room.


Ever Slipcovered Sofa

In addition to Leanne Ford's cozy Couch, You can also find this sofa in a larger size, but this Couch is perfect for small spaces. Even if you're nervous about having a white couch with a slipcover, the slipcover is machine washable and stain-resistant (so you can sip your drink in peace). Additionally, it has the appearance of a relaxed, wrinkled style that looks natural over time.


Meriwether Sofa

Take a seat on this dreamy Couch on a cloudy day. Your guests will feel at ease and welcome with its effortless, laidback vibe. These hypoallergenic cushions come in a reversible fabric.


Dream Square Arm Upholstered Sofa

Chemical-free and VOC-free, this option is perfect for families. This Couch is certified Greenguard Gold, so you can be sure that it will be environmentally friendly and durable for many years to come.


Upcycled Wells Sofa

Upcycled cotton-polyester upholstery was used to make this Couch. A sustainable textile laboratory, Iris Textiles, sourced the fabric for the New Denim Project. The seat is made of springs and feathers to provide a bouncy feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cloud Sofa Filled With?

The Cloud Couch includes the Couch's deep seats and fluffy pillows. Still, it is upholstered in cotton polyester from The New Denim Project, an environmentally friendly textile laboratory run by Iris Textiles.

How Big Is The Cloud Puff?

With a length of 174 inches, this sofa can accommodate up to eight people comfortably. There are also "Bob-O-Pedic" cushions, which are made of memory foam that forms into your body, and we cover it with jersey knit fabric. Cover this with a textured throw, and good luck getting out of bed.

How Do You Clean A Cloud Puff?

Gently dab the area with a clean, damp cloth or sponge to remove the remaining stains. It is recommended to use a mild soap or detergent such as Dawn, Formula 409, or OxiClean for stubborn stains and gently rubs the cloth (excessive rubbing may cause damage to the trimming). After rinsing with clean water, let it air dry for a few hours.

How Can I Make A Cheap Couch More Comfortable?

Foam inserts can help you re-plumb your couch cushions. Support your springs with wood. A wedge pillow will elevate your feet. With a body pillow, you can support your entire body. It would be best to use an adjustable stand to hold your tablet. Heated blankets covered in Sherpa are also an option.

How Long Should Sofas Last?

The age range is between 7 and 15 years. It is best to replace your sofa before the seats start sagging to the point where they can no longer support you, the fabric has become stained and worn, and the frame is broken down or squeaking. What is the lifespan of a sofa? The average sofa lasts between seven and fifteen years.

What Type Of Sofas Last The Longest?

The most durable chairs are those with a dense hardwood frame (such as maple, walnut, or teak). Fibers with tight weaves and leather are durable fabric options.