Dolce And Gabbana The Only One, Is It Worth The Price?

Dolce And Gabana The Only One

Dolce And Gabana The Only One

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Updated on 5/29/2023

A new blend of femininity and a new sense of intensity is created in The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense, the latest edition of The Only One collection from Dolce & Gabbana Beauty. The Only One Eau de Parfum celebrated a head-turning glamor that drew admiration from all quarters, and The Only One 2 Eau de Parfum captured the power of desire. Still, The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense now conveys The Only One woman's most enchanting and fascinating qualities. Exceptionally seductive and irresistibly sensual, this hypnotic fragrance captures the essence of mesmerizing allure and irresistible sensuality, making it captivating, beguiling, and utterly addictive.

The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense builds on the floral legacy of The Only One line to create a new aroma that stands out from the rest. This perfume reflects a unique combination of intense and solar sensuality, just like the woman it represents. Intriguingly feminine and irresistibly seductive, its signature lies in the unexpected combination of sparkling gold and orange blossom contrasted with hypnotizing black vanilla to create a vivid and alluring fragrance.

A sparkling Italian mandarin, a crisp green apple accord, and a glorious neroli essence in the top notes highlight the radiant floral heart of the fragrance. It's a sparkling golden orange blossom scent with an aura of sensuality shrouded in the heady sensuality of pure jasmine absolute and softly united by a luscious, creamy coconut essence that lends a warm and sunny atmosphere to the fragrance. Its addictive nature is accentuated by the smooth, sweet notes of dark vanilla in the base, complemented by the earthy notes of cedar and cashmere woods.

While retaining the pure architectural form of the classic bottle, the bottle has been reimagined in black, the iconic color of Dolce&Gabbana, reflecting the hypnotic intensity of the fragrance within. The gold ring detail has been designed to evoke the Only One woman's radiant elegance and seductive silhouette. At the same time, the curved script conjures the alluring outline of her body.

The video campaign was directed by Italian director Matteo Garrone, who once again collaborated with Emilia Clarke for the video. In a traditional trattoria in Rome, the film opens up with Emilia surrounded by her friends. Together with a group of local musicians, Emilia sings the classic Italian song "Quando, Quando, Quando," inspired by them. As if cheered on by the crowd, her natural aura and her intense femininity make her an object of fascination for those around her. With the print campaign, the Morelli Brothers were able to capture the vibrant energy of the scene, showing off their spontaneity, which is the hallmark of their work."

From January 2020, you can purchase Only One Eau de Parfum Intense as a 30ml Eau de Parfum Intense, 50ml Eau de Parfum Intense, and 100ml Eau de Parfum Intense.

Does It Last Longer?

With this Intense version of The Only One, the essence of Femininity finds a new level of intensity. There's a new addition to The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana Beauty's cosmetics line. This Eau de Parfum is about celebrating the irresistible glamor that all will be prone to admire. It brilliantly captured the power of desire and praised the most captivating qualities of The Only One woman while staying true to this strong power of passion. It brilliantly captured the power of greed and celebrated the most exquisite qualities of The Only One woman while staying true to this strong power of desire. A new perfume by Dolce & Gabbana titled The Only One Intense possesses the irresistible sensuality of absolute allure combined with the charm of its mesmerizing appeal. The fragrance is hypnotic and fascinating at the same time. The scent is beguiling and utterly addicting at the same time. Those who have encountered this perfume before will describe it as a creamy malachite type with many coconuts if they have experienced it.

There is something different about this coconut scent because it is not a typical beachside scent, and it is simply a creamy and cozy scent. Winter and even nighttime are appropriate times to wear this fragrance, so it is a versatile and well-rounded scent. In terms of the perfume's scent, it is pretty subtle, so you can go to town when you spray to enjoy the fragrance, especially if you are the heavy-handed type when it comes to perfume. The scent of the perfume has good longevity, and its projection can be felt close to the skin. Although the apple isn't a thoroughly 'fresh green apple,' it still smells like an apple, perhaps like the one in DNKY 'be delicious.' The taste is more like a nicely cooked apple pie with a swirl of vanilla pastry. In the dry-down phase of the perfume, you will find that it is almost a soft, smoky fragrance because it is woody in structure.

There is no need to worry about being overwhelmed by the coconut note, as this fragrance is also quite soft. If you are a perfume lover or a huge perfume collector, you will be glad that you asked for this perfume as a gift. If you already own The Only One, it doesn't matter. You can get this intense version and see if you like it before committing. There is something unique and different about it compared to the original. Yes, it does have iris notes in it, but you will also be able to smell the coffee notes that it contains. It can be argued that the green apple note of this scent is one of the things that makes it so pure bliss. There is a strong influence of green apples here, making the smell unique. This gives it an outstanding balance, and when you wear it, you won't be able to wait long for you to wear it more. This means it will keep its shape for quite a long time.

One of the things that I like about The Only One Intense is that it smells like a more decadent version of Dolce Garden but with extra vanilla and jasmine. Compared to the previous version, this is much smoother and even better refined. If you have used Dolce Garden Sensuelle or even Alien Tropical Night in the past, you may notice some similarities between the two products. It dries to a creamy alien that has a coconut note to it when dry. This is a product that does not disappoint.

The Scent Of Dolce And Gabbana The Only One

The signature of this scent is the blend of orange blossom and black vanilla that contrasts hypnotizingly. Besides the sparkling Italian mandarin, the top notes also include a sweet green apple accord and a golden neroli essence reflecting illumination on the floral center of this fragrance. With notes of orange blossom and the sensuality of absolute jasmine blending into one harmonious whole, it is wrapped in a soft cocoon of creamy coconut essence that adds a warm and sunny aura to the scent.

At the scent's base, dark vanilla accentuates the addictive quality, backed by cedarwood and cashmere wood notes. By doing so, we maintain the graphic architectural structure of The Only One fragrance. This is a black bottle that is reinvented in Dolce&Gabbana's iconic color, which is the collection's color. Through its silhouette, the fragrance is reflected in an almost hypnotic way. The Only One's gold ring detail is reminiscent of the woman's radiant elegance in the movie. A twisted cursive script evokes a silhouette of a woman. Director Matteo Garrone, who directed the video campaign, has renewed his collaboration with Emilia Clarke for the upcoming campaign.

This video is set in the traditional trattoria in Rome. It starts with Emilia riding on a conventional Italian bicycle with friends. She is encouraged to sing that classic Italian song that goes "Quando, Quando, Quando," alongside a small group of local musicians. She has been cheered right on by the crowd, and her natural aura and strong femininity have drawn the interest of the people around her. She has been transported right on by the public, and her natural atmosphere and strong femininity have attracted the people's interest. If you have encountered the scent of Almond Blossom in the past, it smells just like that. If you've used Hanae Mori before, it may also remind you of it. If you've used Hanae Mori before, it may also remind you of it.

The Appeal Of Dolce And Gabbana The Only One

To begin with, Dolce and Gabbana's The Only One Intense builds on the floral legacy of The Only One collection. As you can see, it is a fragrant and captivating fragrance. A perfume identical to the woman it represents is a complex fusion of intense solar sensuality with a tropical aura. This is a perfume that is alluringly feminine and irresistibly seductive at the same time. There is a warm Autumn scent in this version, and you will be pleasantly surprised by how well it performs and how it develops on your skin. You will be pleasantly surprised at how long it lasts. There will be similarities in the spicy vibe of Carolina Herrera's Good Girl if you have used it in the past. Indeed, the Only One Intense perfume has the option of being purchased as a 30, 50, and 100 millimeter Eau de Parfum.

It is the brainchild of Violaine Collas, an expert in the field. You can quickly become addicted to it, and although you may not expect to enjoy it as much as you do, you will find yourself wearing it all over the place. It has quite an excellent projection and lasts for a while on the skin. I like it because it has yummy coconut that you don't find in the others in the line, so you can purchase them if you want. There is no need to worry that it will be too tropical since it can be worn through the fall and even winter, during the day and at night, and it can also be worn on summer nights. There is a difference between The Only One Intense and The Only One. This Intense version of the fragrance is a tropical and yellow vanillic floral scent that may remind you of YSL Libre, but with an additional splash of coconut. It would be perfect to wear during the warm spring and summer months.

The Only One Intense by Dolce and Gabbana is a Signature material, primarily if you reside in a tropical area with a hot climate on an annual basis. There is a way you can order a bunch of sample perfumes and have them delivered to your house to try smelling them all. You are sure to enjoy Mugler's Alien Fusion scent if you want Mugler's Alien Fusion and you have encountered it before. You do not have to worry about duplicate bottles in your collection if you already have Fusion since they are not exactly alike, so there will not be any redundant bottles in your collection. There are no complaints about this perfume. It is a soft and creamy fragrance that contains hints of white floral gourmand notes, which are well blended. It is different from the original fragrance because it has a powdery gourmand note. It is different from the original fragrance because it has a delicate gourmand note.

Why You Should Wear Dolce And Gabbana The Only One?

The scent of this perfume is dominated by vanilla and jasmine. There are no spices present in this perfume, which makes it somewhat comparable to Dior Addict. You have come to the right place if you wish to purchase something suitable for spring and summer. The scent of this perfume is sexy and wealthy, and it is fresh and warm. It is a blend of sweet and bitter notes. Something unbeatable about this combination makes it irresistible from the very first sniff. The Only One Intense by Dolce and Gabbana is a little similar to Black Opium in terms of its scent, so you can understand how it smells. There is a creamy scent with a very enticing and delicious heart. I think you'll like the cashmere that's included as well. I think you'll enjoy the cashmere that's included as well. This perfume has a long-lasting effect as it becomes effective after you spray it on, and it lasts for around six hours and longer, which is impressive. This perfume has a long-lasting effect as it becomes effective after you spray it on, and it lasts for around six hours and longer, which is impressive. Depending on your taste, you might prefer this one over the original.

Upon receiving the perfume, you will be sure to be noticed by people because it is a lovely scent that will make you stand out. Those who have used the L'interdit perfume are likely to see that it has the same feeling as the other perfume, but that does not mean they are the same because they are different. Those who have used the L'interdit perfume are likely to notice that it has the same feeling as the other perfume, but that does not mean they are the same as they are different. There are also some differences between the intense version and the original version. This taste of Dolce & Gabbana is in this, as you can see by the coconut, vanilla. This perfume is just the epitome of the trendy scents right now: boozy vanilla plus a fruity-floral touch. There is also a different coconut included in this than the one in Dolce Garden, and this coconut is thicker and less tropical.

There may be a distinct almond note, but overall, it is a crowd-pleaser with a fantastic performance. There are no coffee notes among the notes listed, and the apple is very subtle. The fragrance has a creamy vanilla scent with some orange notes thrown in. In addition to the rich and warm scent, this is also a great scent that can be worn in the winter or on cold winter nights. Despite being quite solid and sweet, The Only One Intense by Dolce and Gabbana does not give users a headache. There are notes of vanilla, coconut, and even some fruit.


Dolce And Gabbana The Only One Is Intriguing And Warm

Whatever kind of woody and spicy perfumes you already have in your collection and what kind of fragrances you like, you will find this a different sort of woody and spicy fragrance. In addition to being different, it is also more intriguing, warm, and addictive, which makes it a gorgeous piece. The scent is so elegant and delightful that you will be able to buy it right after taking a sniff in the store.

Dolce And Gabbana The Only One Possesses A Stylish Vibe 

It doesn't matter if you did not encounter the original perfume before or not, you will like this one very much. There are different versions of this intense scent. This version is not such a gourmand; it is actually about beautiful white flowers. Its warmth, sensuality, and femininity are appealing, with slightly tropical overtones. This perfume has a certain kind of stylish feeling about it. The apple and the coconut notes are subtle yet prominent, and it is a beautiful solar scent that lasts for a long time. This is a very comfortable and versatile garment that can be worn in cold weather and warmer weather. The fragrance of this perfume is contemporary, feminine, and sexy.

Dolce And Gabbana The Only One Contains White Flowers

You will instantly fall in love with this scent if you can smell it. I am confident that if you have already enjoyed The Only One, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the Intense version does not disappoint. The Intense version of The Only One will not disappoint those who already enjoy the original version of The Only One. If you want the original version of The Only One, you will also enjoy the Intense version. This is a whole different world, it's equally incredible, but it's an entirely different DNA altogether. This perfume is much less gourmand and more about the white floral notes. This scent is a complex mixture of neroli, the orange blossom of great intensity, and jasmine, complemented by a citrusy hint, and the notes blend so beautifully that no single note stands out.

Dolce And Gabbana The Only One Is Well Blended 

This is because the crisp apple and the mandarin make an excellent combination. I love that the coconut blends so well with the vanilla, and it doesn't stand out as it does in many other scents that are also scented with coconut. It has a great vanilla blend that gives the fragrance a unique taste while giving it a sweet, toasty, but musky summer night warmth. Among the woody base notes here, you will find that they are pretty lovely. Among the woody base notes here, you will find that they are pretty lovely.

Dolce And Gabbana The Only One Is Sophisticated 

You will quickly discover that this perfume will soon become one of your favorites since it is pretty strong, rich, sweet, sexy, and feels very luxurious to wear. Its scent is intoxicating and will surely capture your attention. The smell is dark, sensual, seductive, and rich. A distinct jasmine and coconut scent lingers at the beginning of the fragrance and during the dry-down. A few moments later, the darker notes and the creamy vanilla emerge and surround you with a mystical aura of mystery and elegance. This can bring to your mind the idea of a gondola ride in Venice at night, staring at the foggy reflections of the city's lights as they dance in the fog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Dolce And Gabbana The Only One Last?

The sillage is powerful to me, and it also lasts about 6 to 7 hours! The overall performance is quite good. The caramel fragrance is not offensive, but it is a bit heavy, even though you will probably enjoy it if you like sweet caramel fragrances.

What Do The Only One By Dolce And Gabbana Smell Like?

A remarkable combination of violet and coffee gives life to the fragrance called The Only One and makes it an enchanting floral scent. There is an intricate play of opposites in the fragrance, just like the woman it represents. The appeal of this fragrance lies in its rare combination of the unexpected, a mocha violet note that comes through in the fragrance.

What Does Intense Mean In Perfume?

In the perfume industry, there are several different interpretations of the word 'Intense,' but it seems that 'Intense' means that the scent is stronger and more prominent. In most cases, the best intense perfumes are born out of the original to evolve into a more intense experience than the original was.