Foldable Bathtub For Adults - Read Before Buying

Foldable bathtub for adults

Foldable bathtub for adults

Updated on 3/2/2024
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As our modern world is becoming increasingly hectic and crowded, baths are becoming less common in new house designs and smaller apartment buildings where space is premium. There is nothing better than taking a long soak in the tub, and luckily, someone has thought about a fold-away bathtub to enjoy luxurious bubbles wherever you want.


Using this ingenious invention, those with just a shower can quickly transform their bathroom into a relaxing bath and enjoy some rejuvenating me-time.


In addition, the baths are excellent for kids who would like to splash about or are afraid of the shower. It is also worth pointing out that these can also be used as mini-pools in the garden during the summer months. It is as evident as that - pass the bubble baths!


Here Are Some Of The Top Foldable Bath Picks

Unkion Portable Foldable Bathtub

Portable bathtubs from Unkion are perfect for those who want to turn their shower stall into a bathing area. As for its size, it is round and stands at the height of 25.6 inches; its diameter is 27.6 inches, and its height is 27.6 inches. It is also foldable, which means it has a bit of giving to it. Especially if you are a taller person, make sure you don't fill the form too high. Then when you get to the camp, you will find that you can stretch it into a more oblong shape. This tub is comfortable for people up to six feet tall.


There is no need to pump air into the system. When you are ready to use it, you need to unfold it, place it in position, and add water to it. However, you need to pay attention to the temperature as you do so. There is an increase in cracking of the PVC liner at a temperature exceeding 60 degrees centigrade. Moreover, 6mm of thermal foam placed on the PVC liner's surface will help keep the water warm. A person should expect to be able to soak for up to an hour without getting cold if they plan on soaking for 45 minutes or more.


After filling up the tub, you can empty it and fold it back up again. In addition to sitting underneath a bed or behind a door, it will be able to pack relatively small. The cotton cover is an attractive design, and you can use this with disposable plastic liners.


You can buy them separately and sprinkle a little water on the interior wall of the tub before inserting the liner. This will ensure that the liner sticks very closely to the tub interior. It's a good option if you're planning on using a bubble bath or bath salts, making cleaning so much easier. Even if you are using a liner, however, the water won't be able to drain directly into the ground. When this happens, people often create a hole in the liner after finishing their project. Others have partially emptied the liner by first pouring it into a bucket. However, if you are going to drain the tub, be careful where you position it! As it contains a large amount of water, it can easily overflow if it covers the entire base of the shower stall. To prevent this, you may want to position it slightly to one side of the plughole. Before filling it up with water; otherwise, it will be very heavy to move afterward. It is also possible to use a bucket to empty some of the water first.


Last but not least, it is essential to note that this is a high-walled tub, which means you'll get a deep, comfortable bath. However, the sides are not rigid, and those with mobility problems may find it challenging to get in and especially out.



Even tall adults will find it comfortable thanks to the generous size

Excellent thermal properties

The design is pleasing to the eye



People with mobility difficulties may find it difficult to climb the high sides

When draining your shower stall, be careful where you position the valve to avoid flooding it.


G Ganen Happy Life Portable Plastic Bathtub

A portable bathtub with generous dimensions is G Ganen's Happy Life, another company's product. This inflatable rim measures just over 29.5 inches in diameter, with a few inches extra on the inflatable edge. As for its height, it measures 29.5 inches as well.


G Ganen says that it can fit two adults, but one of them would have to be pretty small to fit in. However, the bathtub is large enough to accommodate two people for a comfortable soak. It is essential to remember that you need to be flexible enough to get out afterward. As long as you have grab rails in your shower stall, the process will be much easier. Here, the design is practical. The cover is blue with dark blue text on the side in an oriental language. The assembly instructions are also in the same language. Helpful pictures accompany the instructions, and the tub is very easy to assemble.


A pump is included that can be used to inflate the bag before use. Although this method works wonders for setting up, it is not as effective when it comes to deflation. It is not a problem if you plan to use the tub regularly. However, if you prefer to deflate the mattress each time you use it, you should consider investing in a mattress pump. It will make your life easier and help you save money.


There is excellent insulation in this tub, so your water will remain warm for well over an hour when it is in this tub. You need to check that it's not too hot when you fill it; otherwise, you'll be waiting a long time to take a dip!


Its drainage is at the side of the tub and works best with a gap between the tub's bottom and the shower stalls. Many people find that a wooden bath mat makes an excellent platform to stand on. Also, make sure that the drain is positioned on the same side as the plughole in the sink. You will not find any hoses included in the package. Consequently, if you decide to soak in your living room, you will need to be prepared to empty it afterward using a bucket!


We would not recommend using bath oils with this product. Those chemicals will make the plastic slippery, so getting in and out of the tub will be hazardous. A better alternative would be Epsom salts.



The dimensions are very generous

Excellent insulation - this will keep your water hot for a long period

The drainage system on the side of the building



The balloon must be inflated before it can be used

The use of bath oils with this product is not recommended.


Luckup Portable Bathtub

There's no doubt that LUCKUP's model has to be on the shortlist if you are looking for a stylish tub. You can choose from two different covers, and you can select midnight blue with white crescent moons and shooting stars or powder pink with flamingos. We like both!


This tub is another one that is big enough for one adult to fit in comfortably. This tub has a diameter of 27.5 inches and a height of 25.6 inches. It is capable of holding up to 50 gallons at the most. If you are concerned about your water bill, know that you will not have to fill it up! After you get in, you will be able to displace the water immediately. Make sure to leave enough space at the top to avoid flooding your bathroom when you step into it.


There is a dense flocking cover on the cover, so it is not only smooth but also hard-wearing. The cover will not tear or rip, no matter how hard you use it. As well as being able to be used both indoors and outdoors, this model is also quite robust.


The outer cover of the blanket has a layer of thermal foam sandwiched between the PVC liner and the outer cover. Because of this, your water will stay warm and toasty. The lining of this bathtub is made of food-grade PVC, so you will not have to worry about chemicals leaching into your bathwater. This bathtub can be easily folded down and is extremely lightweight. It has been reported that LUCKUP can get it below two inches in thickness. We are unsure if the insulation makes it difficult to slide under a bed, but it seems compact enough to slide easily under one.


The drainage is on the side and bottom. A short pipe is attached to the side valve to drain away from the water. To remove it, open the drain at the bottom once the bottom is just a few inches deep. The odor is somewhat plasticky. To get rid of the sticky residue, Luckup recommends putting orange peel inside the cup or wiping it with damp tea leaves. The final suggestion to fill it with milk and leave it for 30 minutes is not ideal, but it is more practical. You may not want to use 50 gallons of milk in your bath unless you're Cleopatra. You'll get used to the smell over time. Those with sensitive noses may prefer other options.




This tub stands out in the style stakes thanks to its attractive cover

Robust enough to be used both indoors and outdoors

With two drains, it is straightforward to remove the water


For the first couple of uses, there is a bit of a plasticky odor that can be detected

Keep an eye out for those high sides when getting in and out.


Watebom Portable Plastic Bathtub

It is a plastic bathtub from Watebom that does not contain any inflatable parts. Despite its simplicity, it can be assembled in just a few minutes, and you can have it up and running in no time. Its pure blue cover will suit any minimalist user. The construction is robust and effective in insulating the user from the outside elements. Those who enjoy lazing in the bath for an extended period will benefit from this product.


The cover is made up of very heavy-duty material. Additionally, there is an additional centimeter of insulating foam between the PVC lining and the foam. Plastics do not leach into your bathwater when the lining is non-toxic.


The bottom of the chair is padded, so it is very comfortable. The chair will not pressure the tailbone, so you do not have to worry. It is also one of the most oversized bathtubs on our list. The structure's diameter is 31 inches, and its height is 28 inches. You must position the outlets above the drain if you plan to use this in your shower stall. A slightly elevated trough works best so that the weight of the water does not overwhelm your pipes. Don't try to lift it when it is complete - it will be far too heavy to handle when it is finished.


One of the best features of this tub is the ability to add a flexible hose to the side outlet. This enables water to be directed to a nearby drain when it is not in use. The hose measures approximately 27.5" in length and can be purchased separately. There is a plug at the bottom of the tub, too, so the final few inches of water can be drained out. Despite being a giant portable tub, it does have a plasticky odor when you get it out of the box for the first time. While it is a sturdy product, it may not last indefinitely. Among the weakest points of the design are the drains. It is likely the plastic spigot will eventually break, and after a few years, you may notice that it starts to leak. However, this generous portable tub gives you a lot for not much money.



There is no need to inflate or deflate the balloons

Padded bottom for maximum comfort

The side drain has a handy flexible hose that can be used to guide the water from the side drain



Plastic stoppers and drains that are located at the base are prone to breaking over time

It is yet another tub that gives off a plasticky smell when opened for the first time.


Weylan Tec Foldable Bathtub

It is possible to buy a portable bath that is more like a traditional bath from Weylan Tec if you like the idea of a mobile tub. There are three sizes available: small, medium, or large. You can choose between blue or pink, and for an adult, there is a need for a large one. This product has a length of 39 inches, a width of 20 inches, and a height of 22.4 inches.


There is still only a tiny percentage of people who can wear it. It will not be the best choice if you are taller than 5 feet 7 inches or if you weigh more than 145 pounds. 

Nevertheless, it has a great deal to recommend if you can fit into it. It is pretty simple to assemble, so you don't have to worry about it. Its clever design allows it to fold up easily after bathing, so you won't have to worry when you're finished. Plastic clips are included in the package to keep it folded uptight after you've finished bathing.


Because the sides are rigid, they will stand up as well. Ideally, it should be propped next to the shower cubicle to use as you wish. It is free of BPA as well. Moreover, you can use it with a bubble bath as well. Furthermore, the device comes with two plugs in a star form - one for use and the other as a spare. It is essential to insert them into the bottom of the container and pull them out when you are finished so that the water can drain away. As far as the base is concerned, it is non-slip. This tub has lower sides, making it a better option for anyone who may find it challenging to access a deeper tub. There is a comfortable headrest at the back of the chair, though, since it is raised at the back.


Despite its size, the shower head won't fit in smaller shower cubicles due to its length. Make sure you measure the area first before choosing this one if you are considering it. Even though the folding design is great for easy storage, it is worth noting that they will give a little if you press on the folds a little. Even though this does not affect the tub, it does make it feel less sturdy than a round version.



It is easy to fold and store

With its lower sides and non-slip base, this is a good option for less flexible swimmers

Bubble baths are suitable for use



The options aren't as deep as others

To be able to stand it in your shower cubicle, it requires more space because of its shape.

Hiwena Inflatable Portable Bathtub

There are not many inflatable bathtubs on the market, but HIWENA's is worth considering if you're looking for a bathtub.


Internally, the length is 48 inches, the width is 23 inches, and the height is 27 inches. In other words, we can say that it is substantially more significant than the oblong version offered by Weylan Tec. However, it won't be long enough for taller adults to lounge in the tub as they would in a full-sized bath.


Up to about 5 feet 5 inches tall, most people can sit upright with their legs straight out. You'll need to bend your knees more if you are much taller than that. There is an excellent depth to it, so when you're swimming, they won't be sticking out of the water when you're doing it! As well as the backrest, the sides are higher. Because of this, the head and shoulders can rest comfortably against the sides of the chair.


Because of the inflatable nature of the construction, the external dimensions are quite a bit larger than the internal dimensions. Be sure that it will fit where you intend to use it. Its 60-inch length and 34-inch width will require a considerable amount of space. Additionally, you will need to have a good puff or purchase a separate pump to blow it up.


It is designed with two side outflows, one located above the other, leading to the tub's bottom. It would be preferable if you could position it near a floor drain in a wet room as this would be ideal. The two drains double the amount of water that can be removed, but it is still not the fastest method. You will also need to tip it upwards to get the last few inches of water out.



There is more room for stretching out your legs than in round versions

A comfortable backrest for your neck and shoulders

Having a pure white finish in the bathroom looks good



It needs to be inflated and deflated - and there isn't a pump included with it

The process of draining takes a little while.


Eosaga Portable Bathtub

The portable tub designed by EOSAGA is another round design. The wheel is generously sized at 29.5 inches tall and the same diameter, plus a little more for the inflatable rim at the top.


Due to the design of the drainage system, this product works best inside a tub or shower stall, where the water can drain straight away. Even though it does come with a stretch pipe, it doesn't fit as snugly as it should. You may have to put up with some leaks if you use it. However, if your shower stall is slightly smaller than your tub, don't worry about it. 

Despite its size, it will fit in without difficulty. It is possible to leave out two of the supporting struts without causing any problems if it is necessary.


In terms of appearance, it is practical. This product has a pale blue cover with a darker blue text and safety instructions printed on the side. However, if you are looking for a luxurious bathtub with a few extra features, this may be for you. The package includes a foot pump, an inflatable pad (to provide a little extra cushioning to your behind!), and a cover. The fact that you will be able to keep your water warm and return to your tub later is what you need. You can poke your head and arms through holes in the cover to see your arms and head if you want to. Suddenly you have a spa experience in the comfort of your bath!


Despite its toughness, it is made of non-toxic, three-layer PVC. Despite the height, climbing in and out takes certain agility. If you're not steady on your feet, you may do better with another design.



It comes with its foot pump

Includes a spa cover to create a spa experience

PVC construction ensures durability and safety



If you use it, be prepared for leaks because the stretch pipe doesn't fit tightly

There is nothing beautiful about practical design.


Lucky Deer Blue BathTub

If you do not have the space for a tub, this is an alternative. The upright shape allows for seated bathing, and the unit is portable, foldable, and water-saving due to its proper form. There are two sizes of barrels available, and the barrel shape is large and deep enough to allow adults to sit comfortably and allow the water to soak in the right up to their necks. Due to the plastic layer that covers the inside of this bath, the water will remain warm for a very long time, as it keeps heat better than a ceramic bath. You can use it as a mini plunge pool on your balcony or in your garden during the summer.


Jiajia Foldable Bath Tub

You can fold this pretty tub away easily after use and store it in a drawer, under the bed, cupboard, or even in the attic. It is made from high quality, thick yet soft material that comes in three different patterns. Also, the longer shape of this bath allows for a more traditional bathing style.


You can even bring this bath on vacations, so you could enjoy a bath while camping or just relaxing at home. The manufacturers even claim this is so portable and you can bring it along on vacations.


Tubble Royale Inflatable Bathtub

One of our best-selling products on Amazon is a blowup bathtub of the adult size called the Tubble Royale Inflatable Bathtub. The squishy nature of this full-size tub designed in Amsterdam makes it comfortable to use, as it is easy to handle. Its taupe color is an ideal choice for homes without a bath and can be easily installed in most bathrooms or even in a walk-in shower. With the help of the included pump, the inflatable inflates in less than a minute, and the easy drain system allows for water to drain into the shower drain quickly.


Mobile Portable Soaking Bathtub

The stackable style allows you to buy several at once and keep them neatly stacked. It's a design that's probably best suited for kids, as it's a little neater than the others, but the basin is somewhat more significant at the top than at the bottom, allowing for some wiggle room. In a selection of chic colors that are easy to move when empty, it's an excellent choice for occasional soaks - and it indeed has been well received by past buyers, who have given it an impressive 4.4 out of 5 rating on Amazon reviews.


Kktect Adult Portable Jacuzzi Effect Bathtub

This superior design is probably the Rolls Royce of foldable baths; this unique design includes a massage effect with rollers on the bottom of the tub to soothe your feet while you are bathing. Moreover, a thermal cover is provided to keep the water at the predetermined temperature for one hour. Due to its ergonomic design, this foldable bathtub has a backrest that is inclined. Since it is more spacious than some of the other foldable bathtubs on the market, you can enjoy a more comfortable bathing experience and be used with children.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Shape Will Work Best For You?

Do you think that a deep soak should be your priority? Would you rather spend some time stretching out your legs? You will be able to get water right over your shoulders if the design is round. As you take a bath, you will have to bend your knees to your chest or sit cross-legged. Those who want to stretch out should look for oblong designs. However, it would be best if you verified the dimensions first. You will still find yourself not being able to get your legs completely straight if you are a taller person. Moreover, you should be aware that the height of the sides will influence how easy it will be for you to get into and out of your tub. In general, round tubs have higher sides than square tubs. Don't forget to measure the space in advance if you plan to put your tub inside a shower cubicle. Some tubs will give a bit, although you may need to do without some support struts if you want them to fit.

Do You Use Bubble Bath?

The lining of your tub will be contaminated with whatever you add to it. Make sure the tub is up to the job. Most baths can handle Epsom salts; however, a bubble bath is another. Epsom salts may make the sides and the bottom of your bath slippery and dangerous, so you should take care. We recommend that if you are planning on taking a bubble bath, you use the Weylan Tec since it has less slippery surfaces. Alternatively, bath liners may be a good alternative. Check the manufacturer's specifications to make sure that they are specifically designed to be used with bath foam.

Can I Also Use The Bath Outdoors, For Example, In The Garden?

Sure. This outdoor bath is made of extra-thick PVC and can be used outdoors since it is water-resistant. Ensure that you don't leave the Tubble in the sun for too long, and don't leave any sharp objects close to it.

How Do I Put The Tubble Away After Using It?

There is a relatively simple explanation for this. Due to the large air valves, the air balloon deflates within a minute. If you have used bath salts, bath oils, etc., you must first rinse the bath with clean water. Next, you need to dry the tub using a towel. When you have finished drying the tub, you should fold it or roll it into the bag provided. Upon folding, the bath occupies about the same space as a full shopping bag. So you can store it in a closet or under the bed, whichever is convenient for you.

Do you know whether the bath is durable in low and high temperatures?

The bath can be used with bathwater up to 45 °C. In addition to taking an ice bath, you can also take a sauna if that's your thing.