Neater: Is Your Pet A Messy Eater? Neater Meal Time Clean!

Neater Feeder

Neater Feeder

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Christie James
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Updated on 5/29/2023

The worst has already happened; your pet approached dinner time with the same ferocity as a Tasmanian devil, whirling and devouring his food until there was nothing left in the dish. When your messy eater has finished his meal, you should be confident that more food and water are on the floor (and on your pet) than is actually in his stomach. If you feel like there may be more food and water on the floor (and on your pet), you may want to read on for a solution. 

You may have noticed that your furry friend is constantly eating and drinking like no tomorrow. Whether he has the habit of unabashedly gulping down his food like there's no tomorrow or if he fears that someone or something else will steal it, the mess he leaves behind does not make for a good time. The constant presence of pet food and water on your floors can not only be a nuisance to clean but can also cause stains, mold, and other unpleasant consequences. Is there anything you can do to prevent this? The first thing you do is look at the Neater Feeder and make sure that the food and water go into your pet's stomach and nowhere else.

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What Is A Neater Feeder?

The raised walls of the Neater Feeder's unique design prevent spills and splashes from ending up on your floors. In the future, you will not have to worry about a mess showing up all over your house if your pet eats or gets excited and kicks the bowl. A unique feature is that it keeps spilled food in a reservoir located on top of the feeder while water has a gentle flow into a lower reservoir via a filtering mechanism. It is essential to remember that the lower basin is large enough to contain more water than the dish itself can hold, so you never have to worry about overflowing! Additionally, food and water do not go to waste due to this technique, so you can safely reuse them in the future. 


There are two stainless steel bowls in every Neater Feeder, which will not attract bacteria and odors from your pet. All Neater Feeders are non-skid rubber feet. Additionally, the dishwasher-safe nature of this dish makes cleanup a breeze! 


What Is The Purpose Of A Neater Feeder?

This neater feeder is designed in such a way that it will keep the food fresh as well as prevent messes from occurring. It is available in various shapes, designs, and sizes. Pets may be more appropriate for some products, while humans may want to use others. There are a lot of pet owners who own dogs or cats, and these products are loved by most of them because they allow their pets to eat comfortably and safely. The use of a cleaner feeder is not just beneficial for animals, but it also has several advantages for humans.

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Benefits Of Neater Feeder

The chances are that you have to spend a lot of time cleaning up spilled dog food and water around your pet's bowls if you're a pet parent. There is nothing worse than spilled food and water that can leave a mess on your floor, and this can lead to carpet fading, hardwood flooring, and linoleum flooring becoming damaged. This frustrating experience can now be put to an end with the revolutionary design of the Neater Feeder.


The Neater Feeder is designed so that the protective walls contain spills and splashes. Whether you bump the feeder accidentally or your dog is just a messy eater, your floors will be protected from damage with the Neater Feeder. This device holds spilled food in an upper reservoir while the water flows downslope through a patent-pending filtration system while the spilled food is contained in the upper pool.


A reservoir can safely contain more than a bowl of spilled water, allowing spilled water to be contained in the lower pool. When you are ready to dispose of this water, you need to remove the food tray from the bottom of the sink and empty the bottom basin of the water.

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Benefits For Humans

As a result, spills and messes will not occur on the countertops

It prevents crumbs from getting into the sink

It helps reduce bacteria growth

Saves money by lowering cleanup costs


History Of Neater Feeder

In the early 1990s, Fernando Becattini, Jr., Nexer Pets' CEO and chief innovator, came up with the idea for the Neater Feeder when he noticed the spilled food and water all around his dog's bowls. He thought there must be a better way to feed pets than simply placing a pair of bowls on the floor.


Two of the Becattini's German Wire Haired Pointers, Duke and Dakota, were world champions, mess makers. Something about Duke made it so that he had been returned to the shelter three times before the Becattini's took him in. He was particularly good at it. When Duke was a puppy, he loved to tip over his bowl of water to cool off after running around the yard on a hot day, and he would lay in the puddle to cool off.


Fernando's first attempt to control the mess was a simple storage bin with a section of the front wall cut out. When the bowls are placed inside the bin, spilled food and water are prevented from reaching the floor. Initially, Fernando and his wife Jackie were satisfied with the results from the cleaning service. However, after a few days of spilled food and water on the bottom of the bin, the area turned into a gross and soggy mess worse than the original problem. Jackie told her husband to figure out a better solution, or his contraption was going in the trash. Fernando went back to the drawing board, and after several rounds of improvement, he finally came up with something quite similar to Neater Feeder. It was Fernando Sr. who first showed his prototype to him during the design process, and together they created the final design for the Neater Feeder. This award-winning, best-selling pet feeder is available in thousands of stores, including PetSmart and PetCo. The Nester Feeder has also been featured on national networks television shows such as The Today Show, The Early Show on CBS, ABC News, and Fox & Friends. It has also been among the most popular pet products on QVC in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and France because of a rescue dog named Duke's lousy table manners.

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As a result of the Becattini's adoption of Duke, they have rescued several other dogs and cats, resulting in several new product lines being developed, and you would expect that more new products will be in the works. The Becattini family believes that their pets have been a trustworthy source of inspiration in many ways.


How Does It Work?

In addition to being designed to prevent food from spilling, the Neater Feeder is also explicitly designed to prevent food from spilling both when pets are eating and when owners set the food down for their pets to devour. With the Neater Feeder, pet owners do not have to worry about spilling water on the ground when setting the water bowl down, but instead, water can easily spill onto the lower reservoir without any concerns. Despite being set up so that if it's bumped or kicked while it's still in the feeding device, the food and water will remain inside and not spill out on the floor. The revolutionary elevated design of the Neater Feeder will ensure that there will never be an accident to clean up, no matter how messy the pet gets.


Why Do You Need It?

The responsibility of caring for a pet is enormous, and if the bowl is not secured, you will make a mess on the floor when it comes to feeding them. There is no way for your dog to clean up the mess made when it gets dirty, unlike your children. When you are tired of cleaning up after your pet every day, this is the perfect product since all you need to do is empty the feeder every night and then wash it the following day. Likewise, because of its elevated position, your pet can enjoy a much longer and pain-free life due to its high design. 


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Types Of Neater Feeders

Feeders made for pets come in three basic types, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.


Hopper And Tray

The first type has a hopper on top, which drops food into an open container below it. The main advantage of these feeders is that they are suitable for dry food only, and the main advantage is that their capacity is more significant than those of the other types. With this type of feeder, you can schedule the food to be dropped for a more extended time than with other feeders.



There is also a rotating tray type of automatic pet feeder and automatic pet feeder. There are usually around 4 to 6 trays in one of these, which rotate at scheduled times and move the next full tray of food to the access hole at a pre-determined time. In addition to using it with dry food, there are also some of these feeders that come with ice packs.


Tray And Lid

In addition to the tray with a hinged lid, the third primary type of feeder is the feeding tray. Only one or two food compartments are present in these pet feeders, so they are the most basic form of pet feeders. It is undoubtedly the cheapest pet feeder that can be purchased, but they are somewhat limited and can only be used for one or two meals at a time. Some of these feeders also come with ice packs, so they can also be used for wet food and dry food.

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Additional Features

Several feeders have a voice recorder function that enables you to record a short message that will be played when the timer activates to provide a meal. By using this function, you can let your pet know when dinner is ready. There is also the possibility of buying a microchip cat feeder that will only open when it recognizes your cat's microchip.


What To Consider Before Buying Dog Bowls And Neater Feeders

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before making any purchases. As a veterinarian, Dr. Grover recommends thinking about the following questions when selecting a feeder or bowl for your dog.


How Much Space Do You Have?

Dr. Grover recommends getting a giant bowl that you believe you need if you have the space when it comes to bowls. He says that the slowing down of the pet helps them not to overfeed themselves. The food is spread out flat on the bottom of the bowl, enabling them to eat more leisurely.


How Often Do You Feed Your Pet?

An automatic feeder is a good option when you feed your dog several times a day because it allows you to schedule all of your pet's meals according to their schedule. According to Dr. Grover, the vet believes that many dogs can benefit from eating smaller portions more frequently. To ensure that the puppies' blood sugar levels are as stable as possible, they should be fed smaller meals 3-5 times a day. Generally, after dogs reach the age of 4 months, they do well with two meals every day, but smaller, more frequent meals can also help overweight dogs.

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How Often Can You Wash Your Pet’s Bowls? 

It would be best to choose dishwasher-safe bowls so that your dog's food bowls can get clean as often as possible. You should make sure that your pet's food and water dishes are cleaned regularly, even if they look as if they have been licked clean. According to Dr. Grover, it's best to wash your hands every couple of days, or at least every day. Nonetheless, he emphasizes, "If you feed your dog raw food, you must wash their dishes twice a day." In this case, it may be easier to hand-wash your dog's bowls, allowing you to pick almost all materials and styles that you like.


What Is Your Pet’s Energy Level?

You may want to consider using puzzle bowls for your dog if it is an energetic breed. This is according to Dr. Grover. According to him, puzzle bowls can help stimulate dogs who need more exercise.


Where Will You Place Your Neater Feeder?

Because most pet parents put their bowls on slick tile or hardwood floors, Dr. Grover recommends placing them on a mat. A dog can lose their footing when walking on slippery surfaces of any kind, but older dogs, in particular, are more likely to do so. Some children and pets may require a mat because of the traction provided and because some dogs like to lie down while eating, which is funny. In addition, if splashing is a problem, perhaps you would like to buy bowls or feeders with a built-in placemat attached to them." In addition, if you are concerned about your dog's bowls sliding around, make sure they have a non-slip underside."


How To Select The Right Type For Your Needs

There are two main types of feeders available on the market today. Those that are used indoors as well as those that are used outdoors. Although both types serve a beneficial function, they differ significantly in their design and functionality. Here are a few factors you should consider before deciding on the feeder you want to purchase.


Indoor VS Outdoor Neater Feeders

It is common for pet owners to believe that they can meet their pets' needs using an indoor feeder. This is indeed, to some extent, true, but it is worth considering whether you need both an indoor and an outdoor feeder. Many indoor feeders are designed to contain enough food to last the entire year.

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Features To Look For When Buying A Neater Feeder

In neater feeders, food is kept fresh and safe while stored away from children and pets. Currently, various types of neater feeders are available on the market, offering their unique benefits. Here, we will discuss some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a neater feeder.



Shopping for a neater feeder can seem very difficult when you're not used to it. However, you must meet specific size requirements before purchasing a particular product. Generally speaking, neater feeders fall into two categories, those intended for feeding pets and those intended for human consumption. The maximum weight range for pet neater feeders is between 10 and 20 pounds, whereas the entire weight range for human neater feeders is between 20 and 40 pounds. There is no doubt that large neater feeders are more suitable for large families where many members need access to food throughout the day.



Various materials are commonly used to make neater feeders, such as plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, and composite. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of material. Despite being lightweight and cost-effective, plastic neater feeders cannot withstand high temperatures and are prone to cracking. However, metal neater feeders can be heavy and difficult to transport, and they are durable and long-lasting. Cleaner feeders made from glass are extraordinarily hygienic and stain-resistant; however, they break easily and don't last as long as plastic feeders. Even though ceramic neater feeders are strong, heat resistant, and brittle, they are also fragile and breakable. A composite feeder combines the advantages of ceramics and plastics and offers the best of both worlds. Composite feeders have the benefits of being lightweight, strong, and highly versatile.



From simple wire baskets to elaborate multi-tiered systems, neater feeders can be designed in various styles. Many models come with shelves so that extra feeding supplies can be stored, and some models come with locking mechanisms to ensure that they are safe and secure. Many neater feeders are equipped with wheels, making transportation even more convenient. The lids and doors of some feeders can be removed, making them even more convenient.



In addition to the feeder, some neater feeders include accessories such as bowls, trays, and storage containers. Through the addition of these accessories, neater feeders can be customized to suit various requirements. A bowl and a tray help store small amounts of dry foods and liquids. Storage containers are great for organizing loose supplies and tools. Stainless steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate are the most common materials for neater feeders. 


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Know Your Options

The Neater Feeder is not only super functional, but it has a pleasant-looking style as well, and it is available in a variety of colors so that you are sure to find the best fit for your décor. It would be best to consider the following options when choosing the Neater Feeder that is the right fit for you and your pet. 


Deluxe and express models are available; the deluxe model features a heavier gauge plastic, a higher feeding position, a giant water bowl, leg extensions, and higher walls for ultimate splash-guard protection. Depending on your pet's size and eating habits, the express model may be a good fit for you, or you may wish to go with the deluxe model if you have a bigger animal or one looking to make a big fuss with his meals. 


Best Neater Feeders

Automatic Neater Feeders

A pet feeder that automatically dispenses dry pet food can be programmed to allocate a certain amount as and when needed. It would be best to remember that automatic feeders are recommended for overweight dogs and the ease of feeding your dog when away from home. People tend to overmeasure the amount of food they give their pets, so automatic feeders can make sure they do not overfeed their dogs. You can use your phone to schedule meals with this one by PetSafe since it's connected to Wi-Fi. 


Perfect for: overweight dogs, pet parents who aren't home for mealtime.


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Gravity Neater Feeders

There is a lot of similarity between gravity feeders, like this one from Frisco, and automatic feeders. Still, the main difference is that gravity feeders are self-dispensing, and you don't have any control over the amount of food that gets fed out. As soon as your dog empties the bowl, it is automatic that the bowl will automatically refill (thanks to gravity). Due to these reasons, gravity feeders are not suitable for dogs who tend to overeat. As a result, Dr. Grover recommends using them only for dogs with a smaller appetite.


Perfect for: dogs who are a healthy weight and like to graze throughout the day.


Dog Water Dispensers

According to Dr. Grover, dogs must always have free access to plenty of water throughout the day. A pet waterer can be convenient to ensure your dog gets the proper amount of hydration, especially if you have to constantly refill your dog's water bowl or are away from home for extended periods. With this pet waterer from Frisco, just as with the gravity feeder, you can use gravity to automatically refill your dog's water bowl when it becomes empty.


Perfect for: thirsty dogs, busy pet parents.


Where To Find Them

There are plenty of major retailers that carry neater feeders. The most important thing is to look for feeders that are simple to operate. You should make sure that the feeder's lid fits tightly enough to prevent leakage. Lastly, you should check the warranty information that comes with the feeder. It is not uncommon to find a warranty attached to a product, and it is advisable to read the ins and outs of the warranty carefully.


Firstly, you need to fill the bottom part of the neater feeder with water to function. Then, you need to fill the remaining space with dry kibble. Once the dry food has been poured into the bowl, the lid should be put on top. You don't have to worry anymore about your dog having no access to a feeding station whenever you take him outside, and the dog will enjoy eating at the food station.


The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Neater Feeder

Anyone who owns pets knows the importance of feeding them. No matter what kind of animal you own, whether a dog, a cat, a bird, a fish, a reptile, or a small animal, they need food regularly. The problem, however, is that feeding your pet is not always an easy task. Today, several different types of pet feeders are available, each of which is designed to suit a specific purpose. Some feeders have been specifically designed to be used indoors, while others can be used outside. Regardless of which type you decide to go with, it is essential to ensure that your product is the most appropriate for your particular situation. Taking a close look at why selecting a neater feeder is critical to ensuring that your pet is properly fed, we take a closer look at why that is.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Do I need?

We recommend two types of Neater Feeders for cats - the Neater Feeder Express for Cats and the Neater Feeder Original for Cats. If your small dog weighs less than 18 pounds, we recommend either the Neater Feeder Express for Small Dogs or the Neater Feeder Deluxe. (Breed Examples: Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Lhasa Apsos, Dachshunds, Toy Poodles, and Small Pugs) The Neater Feeder Express for Medium to Large Dogs is recommended for medium dogs weighing 18-35 lbs (breed examples: Beagle, Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, Bulldog) We recommend the Neater Feeder Express for Medium to Large Dogs or the Neater Feeder Original for Large Dogs weighing over 35 lbs. Dog Breeds Example: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Mastiff, German Shepherd. It is highly recommended that pets over the weight of 100 lbs. use the Neater Feeder Deluxe for Large Dogs. It is essential to consider how much your pet eats/drinks and how tall they are when choosing the size of the dog bed. In consideration of this, keep in mind that certain dogs tend to be tall & thin, while others tend to be short & heavy. The Neater Feeder Deluxe is the feeder we recommend for taller pets or messy pets. Additionally, we suggest that you speak to your veterinarian about the recommended feeding height for your pet and the amount to feed your pet.

Do I Need To Purchase Leg Extensions?

Elevating the feeding height will help reduce strain on the neck and back of your petite child. By adding leg extensions to either the Neater Feeder Deluxe for Small Dogs or the Neater Feeder Original for Cats or by extending the legs of either model, the feeding height can be increased from 3 inches to 4.5 inches or by spreading the legs of either model, from 8 to 11 inches of feeding height. If you want to know what feeding height is recommended for your pet, ask your veterinarian. Those with small leg extensions will fit the Cat and Small Deluxe Neater Feeders, and those with large leg extensions will do the Large Deluxe Neater Feeder. (Neater Feeder Express is not compatible with the leg extensions.)

Can You Add More Than One Set Of Leg Extensions To A Neater Feeder?

No. The Neater Feeder Deluxe can only be equipped with one set of leg extensions at any given time. To find out what feeding height is best for your pet, we recommend you talk to your veterinarian. The small leg extensions are compatible with the Cat and Small Deluxe Neater Feeders, and the large leg extensions are consistent with the Large Deluxe Neater Feeder. (Please note that the leg extensions are only compatible with the Deluxe Neater Feeder)

How Do I Clean My Neater Feeder?

One of the first things you will notice about the Neater Feeder is that it is designed for easy cleaning. Every surface is smooth, and all corners are rounded for a comfortable grip. You do not use the dishwasher or hand wash any of the parts or bowls. When cleaning by hand, you must rinse your feeder well to maintain the safest, most sanitary environment for your pet.

How Often Should I Check The Lower Reservoir?

You should inspect and dispose of spills according to your individual experience with the lower reservoir, which can hold more than a whole bowl of water. There will be a difference in the amount of water in the reservoir depending on the pet and the owner. When your pet is drinking more water during the hot months, you will likely find more water around the house. It is recommended that, when using your Neater Feeder for the first time, you check it every day or two to get a feel for your pet's daily needs.

What Is The Best Method For Disposing Of Spilled Food And Spilled Water?

With the Neater Feeder, you can dispose of spilled food and water quickly and easily. When spilled water gathers in the lower reservoir, it is easy to lift off the upper reservoir and place it on the floor. When the spilled water has accumulated in the lower reservoir, it can be dumped into the nearest sink. If you find more spilled food in the upper reservoir than you can easily pick up by hand, you can remove the bowls from the upper reservoir and then pour the spilled food back into the food bowl or the garbage.