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    Pit Boss Griddles

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    Updated on 2/2/2023

    Using a griddle is an excellent alternative to traditional grills, as it is a great way to cook outside. When you use this equipment, you will be able to cook items that a grill cannot, including eggs, bacon, pancakes, and many more things, at the same time.

    Blackstone and Pit Boss are some of the most famous brands when it comes to barbecues. Both the Blackstone 1666 and Pit Boss PB336GS are good options in terms of functionality and price.

    Sunset Bar and Grill will conduct this comparison between the two products listed in the Pit Boss griddle vs. Blackstone griddle to compare how the two products differ and which one is the better deal.

    Keep reading to learn more about this if you want to!

    Food preparation area

    The first thing to consider when choosing a griddle is its cooking area. Griddle capacity refers to the ability to cook food on it and the maximum amount of food that can be cooked on it at one time.

    Taking a look at this example, the Pit Boss comes with a frying pan size of 289 square inches, while the Blackstone features a cooking area of 339 square inches.

    It is evident from the size of the pans that they are of average size. On the Pit Boss, the nonstick surface is 4.7mm thick, whereas, on the Blackstone, the griddle top is made up of cold metal, which is capable of heating rapidly and evenly.

    This griddle pan can be used for cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner simultaneously.

    Systems for combustion

    They come with two separate burners with their temperature dials independently adjusted.

    The Pit Boss uses around 15000 BTUs of electricity to produce heat that warms the entire surface of the cooker, while the Blackstone uses H-shaped burners that produce 24000 BTUs.

    A heater in an H shape helps distribute heat evenly over a wide area since it's shaped like an H. This type of heater may also feature an electrical ignition button for quick and controlled lighting of the burner.

    The material of the cooking surface

    In terms of materials, the cooking top of the Pit Boss is made of cast iron, while the Blackstone is made of heat-rolled steel, which is more robust and heavier.

    Because the cast-iron plate heats up faster than the steel plate, you will be able to conserve gasoline. You will be able to cook a meal in less time than you would with a Blackstone product.

    Durable and sturdy construction

    It is essential to choose a high-quality portable griddle if you are going camping or tailgating to withstand high temperatures and rough conditions.

    Both griddles are constructed from sturdy materials, and it is made out of stainless steel and cast iron, whereas the Pit Boss is made entirely of stainless steel.

    Even though it is a heavy grill, it is durable and lasts long. It is the perfect size for camping due to its sturdy design.

    With non-slip tabletop legs, this table can be used on any surface. I like that it is small, you can put it in your car, and you can take it around when you travel.

    Flexibility and adaptability

    Is one more adaptable than the other? There are two burners and two medium-sized griddles in both. It is possible to cook fries and saute veggies on the seared steaks and pancakes. You can prepare any meal you like for lunch, breakfast, and dinner and design any meal. Cast iron plates in the Pit Boss keep heat better and distribute it more evenly, making it the perfect cooking surface for thicker cuts of meat. Hence, you will need less time to cook steaks in the Pit Boss.

    Keeping it clean

    Ensure that the grease container on the Pit Boss is easy to maintain since it can be easily cleaned after each use while the surface is still heated.

    In addition, the Blackstone is equipped with a fuel management system for easy cleaning. As a result, all that has to be cleaned is the grease-collecting pan.

    Blackstone Griddle: What Is It?

    The Blackstone brand has manufactured griddles since 2005, and it is unquestionably one of the most respected appliances for outdoor kitchens.

    The company aims to provide a wide range of choices for its customers to select from a variety of griddle types.

    Blackstone griddles are all notable for one feature: their tops are constructed of rolled steel, which allows an even amount of heat dispersion.

    It is an enjoyable experience to roast on Blackstone products. There are endless options, and the griddles are very spacious and have many burners, so it is possible to cook items at different temperatures at one time.

    Depending on the food, you can cook pancakes, bacon, patties, eggs, hashbrowns, and chicken simultaneously.

    In addition to the griddle: 28 inches, 36 inches, a 17-inch tabletop, and a 22-inch griddle.

    17 inches

    It is the perfect size for those who need a portable cooking surface that won't take up much space. Despite the size, there is plenty of cooking for up to five people.

    Moreover, it is also an excellent solution for people who have a limited amount of space. Not only is it a portable option, but it is also straightforward to clean and operate.

    28 inches

    A grill like this can be an excellent option if you're planning on serving medium parties. Blackstone griddle fits into this category as it features a back grease/oil management system that makes cleanup easy.

    Using this format, grills with many heat zones can cook various meals at their ideal temperatures at once.

    36 inches

    A large patio bar like this is ideal for serving large groups and becoming the focal point of your outdoor living space.

    With this bar, you'll have all the tools you need to cook outdoors. It is possible to cook outside on any grill of this size without sacrificing taste or variety.

    If you'd like to cook outside but are intimidated by a grill, a Blackstone product could be a fun alternative. Depending on how you arrange it, you'll receive a large cooktop for making various things at once.

    The flexible burners let you create grilling zones that can be controlled separately, making it easy to cook each item at the right temperature.

    Overall, Blackstone products are excellent and deserve their reputation. It will boost your outdoor grilling experience whether you have a small patio or not.

    Blackstone Griddle Reviews

    Despite its compact size, the Blackstone 22-inch griddle is an immediate product from one of the industry's most recognizable manufacturers, and it has a completely portable design.

    With dimensions of 22.5 x 19 x 9 inches and a weight of under 32 pounds, it is evident that this device was perfect for the journeyman.

    Although the 330 square-inch cooking surface and the two burners with a combined BTU output of 24,000 may seem small compared to other models, they should prove to be sufficient for a large group.

    It is also equipped with an adjustable heat zone system and a back grease system, making it even more efficient when used with its exceptional mobility.

    There is a grease routing system in the back grease system that pulls oil away from your meal and disposes of it appropriately. Due to its transportable nature, it is easier to move and easier to use due to its easy-to-operate design.

    Further, the heavy-duty burners can evenly distribute heat throughout the entire cooking surface, ensuring that your food is always cooked to perfection.

    In addition, the machine is straightforward to operate and takes only 10 minutes to set up. As a result, cooking outside doesn't have to be challenging anymore with the Blackstone tiny grill.

    In my experience, it works pretty quickly, and you won't have to wait too long for your meal to be ready. Unfortunately, the draw tray is relatively small and doesn't hold much. Additionally, there have also been some complaints from customers about the flatness of the cooking surface.


    It's a portable design

    that is easy to use

    because it's easy to install and use

    with an even distribution of heat

    as well as a grease tray integrated into the unit

    that can be adjusted as needed


    Limited storage space

    and uneven cooking surface

    What Is Pit Boss Griddle?

    With unique products that promise to flood the market, Pit Boss is one of the fastest-growing grilling companies in the country.

    Furthermore, while the company is best known for its famous pellet barbecues, it also offers a whole range of grills designed to elevate your outdoor BBQ experience.

    Pit Boss products achieve the ideal balance between power, mobility, and accuracy, resulting in a unique grilling experience that you will never forget.

    It's no secret that these Pit Boss products are new to the industry, but they are a genuine game-changer, shaking the notable brands like Blackstone to their core.

    Among the unique features of their units is that they have a hardened nonstick ceramic surface that ensures an unsurpassed, easy-to-use experience.

    It is easy to clean the ceramic cooking surface. Still, the black ceramic cooking layer protects the appliance from rust and scratches, ensuring that the griddle retains its attractive appearance.

    Even though Pit Boss products are new to the industry, they are the most valuable per square inch. It offers a large selection of grills and griddles that are very similar to the ones provided by Blackstone. 

    Pit Boss Griddle Reviews

    Occasionally, using a grill with a small cooking area may be necessary. The dimensions of this grill are approximately 20.47 x 17.32 x 10.83 inches, and it weighs about 27 pounds.

    This means that it is perfect for grilling small quantities of food in a small space. It was designed for individuals who want a tiny cooking device that can feed four to five people at a time.

    Therefore, if you are one of them, then this one with a cooking area of 289 square feet should be something you consider. You must be aware that the Pit Boss PB336GS is packed with the most excellent features that make purchasing it a wise purchase.

    Cast iron or stainless steel are the materials used to make it. If you decide to purchase this Pit Boss, you will not need to worry about buying a new barbecue for several decades after bringing it into your home.

    It has already been pre-seasoned and is ready to be used. It has a 4.7 millimeter thick top. As a result, spending so much time seasoning is unnecessary.

    As a result, there are also a few more distinguishing features. Pit Boss designed it with four non-slip feet to provide practical support to the whole body and keep it from sliding.

    Besides that, it is essential to mention that both burners come with simple mechanisms for lighting them up. With only a single push, they are ready to use.

    There is, however, the possibility that there is uneven thermal transfer throughout the area of cooking.


    A grease management system makes it easy to clean and use

    thanks to its griddle top

    which is highly durable

    and offers fast ignition


    Uneven heating

    Things To Consider Before Buying A Griddle

    For many individuals, buying a Blackstone or Pit Boss grill is not seen as a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. There are a few things that you should consider before you buy one, just as you should when purchasing any other expensive cookware.

    To pick the right grill for your kitchen, you should consider the following factors:

    The surface to be used

    An important factor in choosing the right product is the coating (Source: TrustedReviews)

    Consider the metal and the finish used in the construction of the griddle before purchasing one.

    Some are made with cast iron, whereas others are made with aluminum and various types of steel. There is a direct correlation between the material of the plate and the ease with which it can be cleaned, and how evenly it heats.

    It is recommended that you choose the most comfortable material for you to clean since it is the most suitable for your needs. You will want a grill that will last for many years to come.

    Storage capacity

    It is not only essential to ensure that there is a secure storage location for your grill during the year, but it is also necessary to have a patio area that is large enough for it.

    You will have to make some griddle if there is not enough room for it on your patio or in your garage. There is a possibility that a grill may have a large base that will cover a lot of ground even when the shelves are folded down.

    If you prepare a space for your grill to be stored securely between sessions, you will not have to worry if it is not kept secure. The most important thing is you will need a lid to keep the rain off of the cooking surface if you are keeping it outside.

    Thickness Of Plates

    When you choose the metal you will use, you also need to consider the thickness of the plates since different thicknesses possess varying degrees of effectiveness.

    There is a substantial difference in temperature response between the thin plates and the thicker ones when you change the container's temperature.

    It is unfortunate that, when prepared at higher temperatures, these products may easily bend and transmit heat unevenly. Heat is stored much more efficiently and dispersed evenly over a more extended period with the thick plates.

    In addition, this cooking equipment can slowly respond to temperature changes, requiring a lot of energy to reach the desired temperature.

    Based on your preferences and budget, you can determine which choice will work best for you.

    Compare Brands

    There are a variety of brands available on the market which you can choose from to see which one most impresses you. It is essential to look at the reputation of each brand, and it is pricing and other important qualities before making a significant decision.

    Thanks to their products, Blackstone and Pit Boss have strong names in the griddle market.

    Gas Vs. Electric Griddle

    Whether you choose, either an electric or gas griddle will be the most critical decision you will have to make. It is well known that gas products are more sensitive, detect temperature changes more quickly, and are relatively simple to adjust.

    I love the fact that the electrical product can easily be set up, even without the aid of a professional, and it is also easy to move around when in use.

    Ease Of Cleaning

    The ease of cleaning will allow you to focus on more important matters. Look for ones made of easily-cleanable materials.

    Oil management systems are standard with Pit Boss and Blackstone griddles, making cleanup simple.

    Kitchen Requirements

    A kitchen's optimal size can be determined by considering this factor. As well as any other equipment or kitchen accessories you might need when using the griddle, you can find them here.


    Depending on your needs and space, you can choose the best product for your needs. Larger units must contain multiple heat zones to provide energy efficiency and flexibility.

    The larger the unit, however, the less superior it is. You should choose one that meets your needs.


    During our research into this field, we collected some frequently asked questions. We hope that all of these are helpful to you as you choose the best product for your kitchen.

    Is A Blackstone Griddle Worth It?

    Buying a Blackstone grill is an excellent investment. If you want to evaluate a grill or griddle, the most critical factor is whether the product will meet your requirements.

    If you want a large cooking surface and long-lasting, high-quality equipment, Blackstone is the best choice for you.

    What Is A Pit Boss Griddle Made Of?

    Pit Boss's griddle top, made from cast iron measuring 4.7mm thick, lives up to its name. More expansive. " It retains heat effectively and maintains a constant temperature throughout the cooking process.

    Are Pit Boss Grills Any Good?

    We were impressed with the machine's efficiency, and we were delighted with the steaks we prepared on it. Because we reduced the temperature, one side had a richer smoky flavor, while the other still looked like it had been grilled over charcoal.

    The item is made to last and is somewhat heavy, so you may need help taking it out of the box if you are not particularly strong.

    Is Pit Boss Worth The Money?

    A pellet barbecue from Pit Boss is an excellent place to start if you're searching for a low-cost option. The product is of high quality and offers a superior cooking experience to that of a standard grill.

    Grills in the signature line are simple and not particularly sophisticated. However, they are ideal for grilling with the family.

    How Long Do Pit Boss Grills Last?

    With proper care, your Pit Boss will last for decades. It comes with a five-year guarantee, but the ceramic materials should last even longer if you buy a cover and keep it clean.

    Are Steaks Good On A Griddle?

    It is among our favorite methods of preparing steak, and the results are delicious.

    You can cook your steak on a griddle pan on the stovetop with just an essential seasoning for many flavors.

    Where Are Pit Boss Grills Made?

    Pit Boss is made in China.

    What Is The Best Blackstone?

    If you compare Blackstone grills, we recommend the Blackstone 1666 because of its value for money.

    Can You Cook With The Lid Down On A Blackstone Griddle?

    A lid ensures a perfectly even finish when cooking thick pieces of meat, so it is an excellent method of ensuring that anything can be cooked to perfection.

    Does Blackstone Make An Electric Griddle?

    It's now possible to grill indoors or outdoors with the Blackstone electric griddle. It has a rotating and detachable glass hood that protects your kitchen and traps heat for steaming and cooking.

    What Size Blackstone Griddle Should I Get?

    If you are on a budget and need to feed only a small party of 3-5 people, the 28-inch is the way to go.

    Besides, the 28-inch model is a good choice if you plan to take them camping as it is portable equipment. However, if you need one capable of cooking enough meals for a large group, then a 36-inch griddle is a better choice.

    Which griddle is best, Blackstone or Pit Boss?

    The Blackstone 1666 is unquestionably the best griddle, but the Pit Boss PB336GS is cheaper and more cost-effective.

    Its larger cooking area and higher BTU output make it an ideal tabletop griddle because it allows you to cook more food in less time.

    A Pit Boss PB336GS is a better purchase if you want the most bang for your buck. It costs about half as much as the Blackstone 1666, and although it doesn't produce as well, it still cooks meals quickly.

    In addition to being lighter and smaller, this cooking equipment can also be transported for camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

    Hopefully, this Pit Boss vs. Blackstone griddle comparison will help you decide which one is right for you.

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