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Pool Basketball Hoop

Pool Basketball Hoop

Updated on 3/2/2024
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There is no doubt that swimming pool basketball games are a must-have item regardless of what you are doing with the pool, whether it's accessorizing the pool for the kids or finding ways to help your next pool party be a hit. What do you do when there are so many different models of swimming pool heaters available? How do you choose the right one for you, your kids, and your pool?


You probably have your pool if you are lucky enough to own one, and if you are even the tiniest basketball fan, all you need is a pool basketball hoop! What's not to like about trick shots, long three-pointers, and creative dunks while chilling in a pool?


The addition of a basketball goal to your pool proves to be extremely popular with kids. In terms of creativity, there is no limit to what they can come up with, so they can keep themselves occupied for a very long time!


The following article will explain what to look for when purchasing a pool basketball set and provide you with some helpful advice as to which age group these sets are ideally suited for.


Brief History

The sport was introduced relatively recently and has only been widely played in Tasmania since September 2003. The sport was recognized as a form of basketball by the Italian Federation of Basketball in 2005 when it was first introduced.


However, it was first played by people in the Netherlands in the 1970s. Regular tournaments are organized in the Netherlands, as well as national championships. If the competition winners are selected, they will have the opportunity to take part in the official Dutch Waterbasketball championship. There are also tournaments held in other European countries, such as Slovenia and Hungary, where the sport is played.


General Rules

There are many different types of water basketball games played in other countries worldwide. Some people play pool basketball with a hoop attached to a backboard, while others use a basket that floats on top of the water. Interestingly enough, the number of players per team also varies from place to place. Generally, there are about five to six players per team, and there are a maximum of four additional substitute players.


Although there are many versions of this sport, the general objective is the same no matter which version you choose. To win, all you need to do is shoot the ball as many times as possible when it's in your team's possession.


Types Of Pool Basketball Hoop

There are several types of basketball hoops that you can install in your swimming pool or lake, including the following:


Floating Basketball Hoops

On the other hand, basketball hoops that float come with either an inflatable bottom or a foam bottom that provides enough buoyancy. These basketball hoops are usually pretty affordable, and they are also pretty easy to transport. Have you considered taking them to a pool at your friend's place or a lake? That shouldn't be a problem.


You can also use them for dunking, where you jump from the side of the pool as you don't have to be afraid of the edge of the pool, and if you make a mistake and land on them, they don't hurt too much. However, the only downside of this is that they can topple over, and you will have a more challenging time making your shot in rough water.


The AquaHoop is an ideal choice if you want to buy for the kids or if you want to buy for people of all ages and abilities (and you're not taking your basketball games too seriously! ). A slam dunk is easily achieved by jumping out of a shallow pool while wearing one of these floats that float on the water's surface.


You may also want to consider them if you are still undecided about whether or not a basketball game would be a good fit for your pool since they do not require any installation and are not as expensive. Regardless of whether you upgrade your basketball set afterward, this pool game will still provide hours of lighthearted entertainment for the kids and adults alike.


Portable Swimming Pool Hoops

The main differences between larger basketball hoops are the range of sizes and the fact that you can fill the base with water or sand to keep it in place at the poolside, or you can put a floor-mounted basketball hoop (attached to the side of your pool).


If you're looking for portable basketball hoops that can be stored out of sight when they're not in use, portable basketball hoops may suit your needs (some deck-mounted hoops offer this feature as well). It is also important to note that despite their heavy-duty bases, you will still have the peace of mind that these baskets will stay safe during play, even if a slam dunk is involved.


For enhanced durability, look for designs like the Splash and Shoot that also feature reinforced backboards and hard-wearing posts. As such, structures like these usually come with an adjustable feature, so they're suitable not just for kids and teens but also for adults.


Poolside Basketball Hoops

The cost of poolside basketball hoops is usually higher, and the setup isn't as simple, but you get a basketball experience that is much closer to playing basketball. The quality of the rims gives you that familiar swish you're familiar with, and the stability and solidity of the hoop allow you to hang on the edge a little bit after a powerful dunk!


Deck-Mounted Swimming Pool Hoop

Are you aware that you will regularly host basketball tournaments in your swimming pool?


You might want to consider ditching your water-filled base in favor of a permanently attached post to the side of your pool. A slightly more streamlined design with a similar look to a traditional basketball hoop will create more of a pleasing effect (apart from the fact that the size of the hoop is reduced to allow for the depth of the pool).


However, it would be best to keep in mind that this is a fixed pole, so you cannot adjust its height. As a result, it is best suited to teens and adults or children swimming in shallow pools.


The next thing you'll want to do is find a basketball hoop built to last, which can hold up to the demands of even the most competitive of basketball contests (for example, the Clear Hoop Jr.). Moreover, designs like these, in addition, do have an added advantage: they can be removed when they are not in use, although they are fixed. When not using the piece, the only thing you have to do is replace the post with the finishing cap.


Combination Volleyball And Basketball Pool Sets

Are you considering adding a basketball hoop to your pool but wondering how you can improve it? If so, pool combo units are the perfect solution.


They permit basketball and volleyball practice in your swimming pool (although not simultaneously, as that would be pretty difficult!) and come complete with a basketball hoop, basketball, volleyball net, and a volleyball. Even though the volleyball nets that are included within these sets are quite standard, you will still have to choose between the water-based or deck-mounted design of the basketball hoop, the former being more suitable for children and teens of varying ages. At the same time, the latter applies to teens and older adults.


Hopefully, this article has provided some insight into the different types of basketball hoops available for swimming pools. Regardless of your design, you are guaranteed plenty of entertainment, splashes, and genuinely epic pictures of everyone's slam dunk faces at the poolside!



Ideally, you should avoid metals of any kind as much as possible when choosing materials. When you have a saltwater pool, especially a metal pool, it isn't easy to keep the metal from rusting unless it is a high-quality stainless steel pool.


Rubber or plastic floating hoops are usually made from materials that are not only rust-free but also soft and pliable, making them less likely to cause injuries as they are soft and flexible.


Size Of Hoop And Balls

The size and shape of the pool basketball hoops vary widely. An excellent example of this is the GoSports Splash Hoop PRO, which is a little smaller than the standard basketball hoops and comes with smaller and softer balls that are easy to palm and emphasize the fun side of the game.


If you want to get a little more serious about your basketball games, there are also regular-size hoops where you can work on your shooting technique while enjoying the water.


What To Consider When Choosing The Best Pool Basketball Hoop

A few important factors should be considered when choosing the right hoop to add to your collection of pool toys, such as the hoop's type, size, and material. In the following paragraphs, you will find out more about the critical characteristics of these aquatic versions of B-ball.


Consider The Type You Need 

Swimming pool hoops come in three different types, including the classic floating hoops, which sit on the pool's surface, and the poolside hoops and deck-mounted hoops, which are similar to their courtside counterparts.


Floating hoops: There are two kinds of floating basketball hoops available to shoppers: inflatable hoops and rigid basketball hoops.

Inflatable basketball hoops: These are made of vinyl, and they inflate into the shape of a basketball hoop. As with any other pool toy, they float on the water's surface like any other pool floaty.

Hoops with rigid frames: These options include a circular plastic frame made of lightweight PVC pipe that holds the net above the water. The floating basketball hoops are different from other basketball hoop types since they do not have a backboard, allowing players to shoot from any angle.

Poolside hoops: Poolside hoops resemble full-size basketball goals on which a weighted base suspends the backboard and net. During a match, the net and the backboard are attached to a base that is placed on the deck.

A deck-mounted basketball hoop can be attached to a deck post. A deck-mounted basketball hoop and backboard are similar to poolside hoops. However, the hoop is not supported by a weighted base. Instead, this backboard is mounted into the cement pool deck, creating a sturdy design to help backboards of much larger and heavier sizes.


Size And Design

There is a wide range of sizes of pool basketball goal rims, ranging from about 14 inches to 18 inches in diameter, which is smaller than the rim on a traditional basketball net. There is also a significant difference between the height of the rims and the standard height of a basketball hoop, which is typically 10 feet. On the other hand, the rims of poolside basketball hoops range from 24 to 50 inches high, while floating models hover between 20 and 24 inches above the water's surface.


Hoops for swimming pools vary in design. Poolside and deck-mounted hoops have backboards, while floating hoops do not, allowing users to shoot from any location.


Material And Durability

Floating hoops are usually made from PVC pipe and lightweight plastic foam, which are light enough to float above the water. Because they are lightweight, they are also not as durable, so they do not last as long as more durable hoops.


Those basketball hoops mounted on pool decks and by the side of swimming pools do not float, so they are built using heavy-duty plastic materials and metals. This makes them more durable (and more expensive) than their floating counterparts. There are several types of poolside basketball hoops available, and these have large bases that must be filled with water or sand to create a foundation sturdy enough to hold the basketball hoop in place.


Pool Type

You need to figure out if you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool. There are various types of floating pool hoops available, but the most popular option is for pools that are above ground and do not have a deck or patio around them. Floating pool hoops can be found in various materials, but the most popular floating pool hoops are on an above-ground pool without a deck or patio. 


Furthermore, if you plan to install an in-ground pool, there are numerous options available to you. Depending on how much space you have around your pool and how much money you would like to spend, you might install a poolside hoop or a floating hoop. Depending on how much space you have around your pool and how much money you would like to spend, you might install a poolside hoop or a floating hoop.



If you are thinking about purchasing poolside basketball hoops, you should keep in mind that they can cost several hundred dollars, and they are not cheap. If you locate a cheap basketball hoop, it is likely to collapse easily after taking a dunk shot or attempting a layup because of its instability. 


If you buy a hoop for a professional game or a fun activity, you should consider what type of hoops to buy.


Furthermore, to choose the appropriate hoop, you must know the type of swimming pool you have, whether it is an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool.


Our Top Picks

There are numerous basketball hoops today, but this list focuses on some of the top models, both floating hoops and poolside hoops.


GoSports Splash Hoop PRO

This model from GoSports has a lot to offer its customers; it consists of a weighted base supported by a backboard and a 14-inch diameter rim. As a result of the larger backboard, the hoop comes with a larger basket size of 43-by-23-inches, reducing misses and reducing the players' need to get out of the pool to retrieve missed shots as frequently.


Based on 50 pounds of water, the base provides adequate stability to withstand slam dunks. The high-grade plastic resists water damage while at the same time maintaining the sturdy feel of the basketball hoop. GoSports Splash Hoop PRO includes two inflatable balls that you can use as a basketball hoop.


Product Specs

Type: Poolside

Size: 14-inch rim and 31-by-23-inch backboard

Balls: Two included


Swimline Tall-Boy Floating Basketball Game

Swimming pool owners looking to add basketball to their list of aquatic recreation activities may find this affordable hoop from Swimline to be the perfect solution. As a result, the floating net's lightweight construction is fashioned from a lightweight PVC pipe frame with a rim of 14 inches and three foam floaties attached to the lower part of the frame that help keep it floating. You will also receive an inflatable basketball as part of the package.


The basketball hoop on this float is taller than most of the floating basketball hoops on the market. While most of the floating hoops on the market are around 20 inches tall, the frame on this one sits approximately 2 feet above the water's surface. No tools are needed to assemble the Tall-Boy basketball net. It is a relatively simple process, and the tubes need to be inserted into the connectors one by one.


Product Specs

Type: Floating

Size: 14-inch rim

Balls: One included


GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Basketball Game

The majority of floating hoops are constructed from lightweight materials that may be easily damaged by horseplay. The GoSports Splash Hoop 360, on the other hand, comes with tubing made of heavy-duty plastic that is designed to withstand the force of hard slam dunks. Three thick foam floats go with it that will keep the hoops upright even in choppy waters created by the intense one-on-one aquatic competitions.


It measures 14 inches in diameter and sits 22 inches above the water's surface. The diameter of the rim is smaller than that of a standard rim. The tube frame can be set up in a few minutes without tools. There are two inflatable balls in this kit and a portable pump, and you can choose whether it should be blue or red.


Product Specs

Type: Floating

Size: 14-inch rim

Balls: Two included


Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System

Like the Lifetime full-size basketball systems, Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System consists of a heavy-duty plastic backboard encircled by an 18-inch metal rim mounted on a powder-coated steel pole supported by a weighted weight base.


This product is one of the more versatile poolside basketball hoops on the market since it can be adjusted from a rim height of 4 feet to 6.5 feet in 6-inch increments, making it one of the more versatile products. There is also a sizeable 44-inch backboard on the pool, which acts as a barrier to keep missed shots from leaving the pool.


Product Specs

Type: Poolside

Size: 18-inch rim

Balls: Not included


Swimline Giant Shootball Floating Basketball Game

Besides being constructed of durable vinyl, this inflatable basketball hoop from Swimline measures a massive 45 inches in diameter at its base. It also features a 14-inch rim that reaches 36 inches high, making it one of the most significant floating models available today.


This inflatable ball is held together when not in use by a groove in the bottom of the hoop. A dome under the hoop bounces the ball back into the water after a goal has been made.


Product Specs

Type: Inflatable

Size: 16-inch rim

Balls: One included


Dunn Rite Splash And Shoot Pool Basketball Hoop

The Dunn-Rite basketball hoop is an excellent example of an adjustable basketball hoop that has many advantages, such as adjustable height. This project involves attaching a steel powder-coated pole to a steel rim and hoops with the help of tension mounts. By loosening the support, users can adjust the size of the rim up to 56 inches above the pool's surface.


The hoop has a large base weighted with 25 gallons of water. This system gives the hoop a total weight of 200 pounds, making it strong enough to withstand the force of a slam dunk. This Dunn-Rite Splash and Shoot hoop have 36-inch rims that will fit a full-size basketball and a 43-by-29-inch polycarbonate backboard. You will receive one basketball with this product.


Product Specs 

Type: Poolside

Size: 18-inch rim

Balls: One included

Poolmaster Classic Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball

A Poolside basketball hoop that features NBA licensed logos for a fan of pro basketball is more affordable than many other poolside models. Hoop With a 14" Rim Attached To A 34" By 25.5" Backboard This is a hoop with a 14" Rim attached to a 34" by 25.5" backboard. In most cases, the pool rim is elevated about 20 inches above the pool deck and supported by a base filled with sand or water.


Basketball hoops can be customized with a generic Pro Rebounder backboard or with the logo of any of 11 NBA teams, including the Miami Heat, New York Knicks, and Chicago Bulls. This model is much lighter than other poolside basketball rims, weighing up to 30 pounds or more. It can also be easily assembled and disassembled, making it easy to use.

Product Specs

Type: Poolside

Size: 14-inch rim

Balls: One included



Swimming pools aren't just for swimming when you have a pool basketball hoop, you can turn those dreary summer days into fun summertime activities! In order for your family to have as much basketball fun as possible, it is recommended that you buy your pool basketball hoop from a reputable supplier.

Making your pool parties more exciting is one of the many benefits that you can get by installing a basketball hoop around the pool. People will engage in a sport such as a basketball more if a basketball hoop is installed around the pool. While swimming can be a great way to reduce the pressure on our joints and muscles, it is also one of the best ways to get exercise at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How We Chose The Best Pool Basketball Hoops?

We considered several criteria when selecting the top picks from the more than 20 pool basketball nets we reviewed to put together this list. As with any pool basketball goal, durability and stability are essential because repeated slam dunks damage them. To ensure these factors were taken into account, we chose only those models constructed with materials and designs that could withstand punishment without cracking or falling. Keeping in mind that a basketball rim must be taller than the players, we limited our search to goalposts with higher rim heights that better simulate the feeling of a real basketball goal. When choosing models for poolside use, we preferred height-adjustable models and those with a large backboard that would help keep missed shots from getting into the pool. Last but not least, we considered the rim diameter, limiting our search to models with at least a 14-inch diameter so that we can avoid small basketball hoops that make scoring difficult.

How Tall Are Pool Basketball Hoops?

A basketball hoop's height can vary depending on its type. Poolside basketball hoops may extend 50 inches from the pool deck, while floating basketball hoops may extend anywhere from 20 to 24 inches off the pool area's surface.

How Do I Place My Pool Basketball Hoop?

You will want to position your pool basketball hoop to allow swimmers to take shots from various positions on the pool deck. Ensure that the hoop is positioned so that it does not block access to other pool parts, such as a ladder or slide.

Are The Dimensions Of A Pool Basketball Hoop The Same As The Dimensions Of A Regular Basketball Hoop?

Most pool basketball hoops have rims that are 14 inches in diameter, making them smaller than standard basketball nets. However, it should be noted that there are some poolside models with similar dimensions, such as 18-inch rims and large backboards.

How Long Do Pool Basketball Hoops Last?

The longevity of a product is determined by the material it is made of. Eventually, basketball hoops made of metal will succumb to the elements, pool chemicals, and rust over time. Although PVC and plastic materials do not have the same strength as steel, they can withstand chemicals and water longer than metal.

Is It Hard To Install A Pool Basketball Hoop?

Swimming pool hoops are generally easy to install; floating hoops can be assembled in minutes. Even though poolside hoops require a more complicated installation procedure, most of these products come with detailed instructions and only need a few tools to assemble.