Trendy Rings For Teens: Styles, Prices, Reviews and More!

Trendy Rings For Teens: Styles, Prices, Reviews and More!

Rings For Teens

Christie JamesByChristie James
Updated on 9/30/2022


Rings are worn in various ways by a variety of different people for a variety of multiple reasons. Understandably, you think they're just having fun doing it, but there can also be reasons why they wear a particular ring style or a particular ring on a specific finger. There are various factors to consider when considering your relationship status, personality, cultural beliefs, and history. We have compiled everything you need to know about wearing rings right here so that you don't have to wonder how to wear them each time you pass your dresser.


How To Match Rings With Your Outfit

It would be best if you used rings to highlight the color scheme and formality of an outfit that you are wearing. Additionally, you want to wear the same color rings as you wear with your necklace, bracelet, earrings, or whatever other jewelry you are wearing. For instance, if you wear a silver necklace and silver earrings, you would not want to wear all gold rings. To determine what rings are appropriate for you, you should consider the casualness of the outfit, other jewelry that you are wearing, and how the rings will work with the rest of your firm.


Which Fingers To Wear Your Rings On?

We have recently launched our statement rings for women and announced that men would be able to access them very soon. We have had many conversations here in the studio and with our customers about which finger to wear. If you wear other rings on your wedding finger, do you stack and mix different materials of rings on one hand, such as rose gold, gold, and silver? What is the meaning of wearing other calls on the same finger for men and women? After a lot of deliberation, we have compiled this quick style guide to help you accessorize your rings daily and at night.


Right Or Left?

There is no doubt that one of the first questions you will have is whether to wear your rings on your left hand or your right hand. Alice Made This believes that regardless of cultural symbolism, this is a matter of preference purely due to individual taste. A famous saying is that your left hand is your mental hand, used for thinking and creativity, whereas your right hand is your physical hand, used for more practical skills. We believe that a mixture mix of both hands can look refined and contemporary when doing manual tasks and putting your hands to work with them. However, if you are doing manual tasks and using them with your hands, your less dominant hand might be the one to choose.


The Pinky Finger

Your pinky finger may be the smallest one in the bunch, but it can often make one of the most significant statements. Even though the pinky finger does not have a religious or cultural significance, it is a finger that is embellished extravagantly with bold and precise details. It's an isolated part of your body, so it's no longer affecting your clothes or other garments. Go ahead and wear a geometric ring on your little finger.


The Fourth Ring Finger

There is no doubt that the ring finger carries the most emotional baggage, with wedding symbolism found in most cultures and religions. However, if you would like to wear something other than a wedding ring or engagement ring on your fourth finger, you may do so. We say go for it. Traditionally, the ring finger is associated with creativity, so why not wear a statement ring that could not be mistaken for a wedding band? Wear a stack of statement rings or a more significant piece to break those wedding taboos.


The Middle Finger

The ring finger is your most significant and most assertive finger, so you should style it with accessories that are balanced and in the middle. The middle finger represents balance and responsibility, so a piece of minimalist jewelry or a stack of stylish statement rings would be a perfect choice here. Keep your curls in a simple style for daytime wear and the office before adding different types and textures for your evening look.


The Index Pointer Finger

Our index finger is the one we use the most out of all our fingers. Despite our gut instinct to keep this finger devoid of any jewelry, wearing a statement ring on your pointer finger can add a sense of power, individuality, and leadership to your overall appearance. In addition to a geometric call made in gold, rose gold, or silver, there is no better way to emphasize a gesture than a geometric ring.


The Thumb

Multiple ring wearers often choose to wear their rings on the thumb. If you have already styled your middle and ring fingers, you might want to add a statement ring to your thumb for a solid and authoritative look. It will give your ensemble an alternative and confident feel, whether in the office or out on the town.


The Factors To Consider When Wearing Rings

Compliments To Other Accessories

More simple rings, such as bands, can significantly complement other accessories because they can be worn casually and formally, depending on the situation. It is possible to wear these rings either as plain metal rings or as decorated ones, which means that they can be worn together on the same hand as other rings. 


Choosing The Finger

Some fingers have special meanings associated with them, from your profession to your marital status, so where you place your ring can reveal a lot about you and your character. I believe that it's essential for you to become familiar with the meanings associated with each finger before deciding where and how you wear jewelry. As we progress further in this article, we will explain why each finger serves a particular purpose. In our paper, we will also explain the significance of each finger. 


Own Personal Style

It is essential to consider that there are a variety of ring styles available, but if you want to choose the rings that reflect your style, that is the way to go. If you're looking for a minimalist look, choose small, delicate rings which emphasize clean lines. If you are looking for something more dramatic, you can go for more significant and more enjoyable designs. No matter what you decide, remember that there is no wrong or right way to wear a ring. 


Ring Size

Here are a few ways to figure out what size ring you should buy for your fingers.


Using A Ring Sizer 

Ring-sizers are plastic sheets that provide information about the various available sizes of rings. You can slide your finger into the sizing sheet to find the right fit for you. It is also possible to find these in jewelry stores since jewelers often use them for sizing rings. It's important to remember that the rings should be comfortable, loose enough so that you do not need to worry about them sliding off your finger, but tight enough to ensure that it does not get in the way.   


Using Self-Measurements

The best time to measure your fingers is at the end of the day or when they are warm. A person's fingers can change size throughout the day, and this change may also be influenced by what they have done, the weather, or whether or not they have consumed a lot of salt on that particular day. The fingers are usually smaller in the morning when it's cold, so you should measure your fingers several times during the day to ensure that you accurately measure the size of your fingers. Using a measuring tape or string to measure your finger size can result in inaccurate measurements.   



How To Wear Rings?

Rings are all about finding your style and rocking it with confidence, but there are a few things that you need to take into consideration, such as what finger you want to wear the rings on and what kind of rings you want to wear. Whether you're going for a boho-chic look, a simple and elegant look, or want an excuse to wear a beautiful ring, there are tons and tons of ways to accessorize with rings. You will then be able to change it up however you feel and wear any ring you like once you have mastered the basics.


How To Wear Rings Based On Their Style?

Cocktail Rings

These types of cufflinks are to grab attention and make a bold statement, making them perfect for formal events and club parties. Even though it's okay to wear statement earrings with it, it's best to leave bracelets at home. 


Cluster Ring

A cluster of small gemstones is featured here, and they aren't necessarily round. You can use them as part of a formal gathering or a night out with your girlfriends. 


Halo Ring

Halo rings have a center stone set in a channel with smaller stones placed around it in a bezel setting. The ring is usually worn at cocktail parties or formal occasions as a statement ring. So make sure to have it ready at all times. 


Geometric Ring

If you decide to wear a geometric ring, you will look modern and creative at the same time. The best way to wear them is with simple outfits to give them a cool edge whenever you want to wear geometric rings.


Simple Band

 Since you can wear them at any time, these rings are both versatile and practical at the same time. On the other hand, formal occasions demand sparkle, so if you don't wear statement rings, then it's best to buy a delicate ring that uses a channel setting.


Solitaire Ring

The center stone of these rings typically sits in either a prong setting or a bezel setting. In addition to the fact that this piece is excellent for any occasion, it looks even better when paired with a delicate, strapless dress.


Stack Ring

There are numerous bands represented in this compilation, which is put together by many separate bands. The ring is a simple piece of jewelry that can be purchased as a single piece or created by wearing multiple rounds at once on the same finger. 


Three-Stone Ring

Traditionally, the center stone of this type of jewelry is a semi-precious stone wedged between two smaller rocks on either side. Despite not having the subtlety of a solitaire, this ring is suitable for wearing both as an elegant piece and as a casual ring.


How To Wear Rings With Your Attire And Other Accessories?

Brass And Copper Rings 

Wearing them with rose gold or yellow gold jewelry makes them look stunning. However, they are more casual, so wear appropriate clothing. It is a lovely look to wear a summer dress embellished with flowers, coupled with a brass ring and thin gold bangle to create a stunning look.


Gemstone Rings

Stones can be carved in a wide variety of colors to make these pieces, which makes them quite versatile. If you want to wear a semi-precious stone with any outfit or type of jewelry, choose a semi-precious stone, but when it comes to precious stones, reserve them for special occasions. 


Gold Or Gold Plated Rings

Gold looks great paired with other gold jewelry, and you can even create a theme for wearing different types of gold. Although rings like these can be paired with any outfit, gold or gold plated rings look greatest when paired with cigarette pants and a simple white shirt.


Platinum Rings

As a result of their elegant appearance, platinum rings are only suitable for use in combination with other jewelry pieces since they blend so well with others. With an asymmetric gown and pearl earrings, such a ring will pair well with an asymmetric dress.


Silver Rings

Silver rings will go with anything, especially titanium and stainless steel jewelry. Even though some people like to combine silver and gold, there are specific rules that you need to follow when doing this kind of styling, so you'll need to be careful when doing so. 

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