Worklion; Cutting Mate



There's no denying that the work lion has become the go-to sewing machine for beginners and experts who love sewing. The Work Lion offers perfect stitching from the first stitch to the last. You could ask for nothing in a home sewing machine, and its simple design makes it ideal for any sewing project, regardless of whether you are learning to sew or already know-how. In addition, the work lion includes a convenient automatic needle threader that will ensure that you won't have to stop stitching to feed the bobbin manually. The Work Lion also boasts a wide range of built-in stitches, so you can choose what you want to do, and the machine will do the rest for you.

What Is Worklion Used For

The WORKLION self-healing cutting mat is durable, non-slip, long-lasting, versatile, and flexible and provides a continuously smooth surface for all cutting projects, including sewing, quilting, building model kits, working in the garage, and endless other uses. You can use it for arts and crafts projects like sewing, quilting, or building model kits.

A double-sided mat that is accurate on both sides offers greater flexibility and will last twice as long as a single-sided mat. Three packs are available for A3 sizes, which is more economical. There are five different sizes of Rotary Mats to choose from, so you are sure to find the right one in WorkLion direct.

Accurate Cutting Double Side

On the green side of the mat, you will find easy-to-read inches gridlines and angles, while on the blue side, you will find metric gridlines and tips. You will find this dramatically facilitates cutting. Furthermore, double-sided mats can provide greater flexibility and can last twice as long as single-sided mats in terms of their useful lifetime.

White Inter-Layers

WorkLion cutting mats are constructed from five layers of PVC, and they are durable and well-built. PVC interlayers are very difficult to cut off because they are layered so thickly with white PVC, making them very tough and rubbery. However, black interlayer mats of other brands are easy to cut.

Perfect For Small Projects

It's ideal for smaller projects where you only have limited space. You can take it anywhere you need it to be, and it is a convenient and durable machine.

Types Of Worklion

Double-Sided 5-Layer Gridded Rotary PVC Cutting Board - Worklion Self Healing Cutting Mat 12 x 18

Protect the surface of your table with a self-healing cutting mat. This mat's character was made from soft PVC so that the cutter blades wouldn't get damaged. In addition, Blades are much more durable. You can use this mat as a desktop protector or DIY cutting board in your room, home, school, or office.

Different sizes are available according to your requirements, such as A4 12 x 9 inches, A3 18 x 12 inches, A2 24 x 18 inches, A1 36 x 24 inches, A0 48 x 36 inch, A3, and A4 sizes are available in 3 packs to save freight charges. The three packs are also available at a special discount price.

The product comprises five layers of PVC material, white hardness PVC in the middle, preventing cutting through when power is lost. It is suitable for heavy-duty cutting and compatible with rotary cutters and straight blades. Some brand cutting mats are black in the middle, which is also not durable.

With the ability to rip double-sided, inches and metric gridlines can be cut accurately. Mat size is 18 x 12 inches, the Grid size is 17 x 11 inches, the thickness is 3MM, and different angles are 30°, 45°, and 90°, making it easy to read.

It would make the perfect gift for any crafter or hobbyist: professional factory direct sales, good quality, and price. Artists, crafters, builders, quilters, engravers, and hobbyists will appreciate this book.


This Worklion 24" x 36" Self-Healing PVC Cutting Board Is Perfect For Crafting, Quilting, Sewing, Scrapbooking


This self-healing cutting mat protects your table surface; the surface is made from soft PVC so that it won't damage blades. You can use this cutting mat in your room, home, school, or office.

Different sizes are available according to your requirements: A4 12 x 9 inches, A3 18 x 12 inches, A2 24 x 18 inches, A1 36 x 24 inches, A0 48 x 36 inches, A3 and A4 sizes have three packs for saving freight. 

Material Polyvinyl chloride, five layers, with white hardness PVC in the middle, prevent cutting through. It is suitable for heavy-duty cutting and compatible with rotary cutters and straight blades. Some brand cutting mats are black in the middle, which is not durable.

It cuts both inches and metric gridlines and angles. Mat size: 36.8 x 24.8 inches (93.5 x 63 cm), Grid size: 36 x 24 inches (91.5 x 61 cm), thickness 3MM, different angles 30°, 45° and 90°, Easy to read.


Rotary Cutter Set Ergonomic Rotary Cutter With Safety Lock And 2 Replacement Rotary Cutter Blades For Quilting, Scrapbooking, And Arts & Crafts

They are cutting multiple layers of fabric, paper, crafts, sewing, and leather projects with this machine.

An ergonomically clenched handle on this rotary cutter makes it easier to operate and reduces hand fatigue. Either left-handed or right-handed people can use it, and the blade can be swapped from one side to the other for left-handed individuals.

It's a great safety feature. The blade automatically retracts when you let go of the handle. You can use the lock button on this rotary cutter to close or open the tool. A push-button allows you to lock the blade when not in use easily, and it can also lock the blade in place, allowing for ease of comfortable cutting when not in use.

Even though the blade is superior quality SKS-7 tool steel with brutal treatment, it is very sharp and durable and easily removed and replaced. In addition, each set of rotary cutters comes with an additional set of replacement rolling blades to ensure that you have enough sharp edges to last the duration of your project.

We highly recommend that you use a self-healing cutting mat when you use this rotary cutter, as it will prolong the blade's life and protect the desk. The work lion cutting mat is an excellent choice.


Worklion Paper Trimmer Replacement Blades With Automatic Safety Safeguards - A4 Paper Cutter Blades 4 Pack

WORKLION, Firbon, and Lotion paper trimmer replacement blades. These parts are ideal for replacing dull blades on WORKLION, Firbon, and LOTION paper trimmers. It is important to note that these blades are unsuitable for Fiskars or any other brand. If the edges do not work or fit into your paper cutter, we will provide you with the service of replacement or refund without any questions asked.

A professional blade consists of both plastic and mold steel, making them sturdy and durable. The knife in the protective case has a unique triangle design, making it only work when you press on it, making it convenient and safe for daily use.

With its durable and sharp blade, you can cut up to 12 sheets 70g m2 of paper every time. Nevertheless, cutting less paper at a time will extend the blade's life better, and the recommended number is less than five sheets at a time.

With these blades, you can cut various paper products, such as photo sheets, pictures, cards, coupons, and many more, cleanly and smoothly.

The four blades come in one package, they are well packaged, and the price is very reasonable.


Worklion 12 Inch Black Office Paper Trimmer With A4 Security Blade For Gift Card, Coupon, Label, Cardstock, Photo

It is a professional craft tool: A transparent ruler makes cutting along straight lines much more accessible, no dragging, very cleanly It is also easy to replace the blade when it becomes blunt.

Materials to be cut  Blades were hard and extremely sharp, designed for cutting A3, A4, A5 paper, photos, cards, decals, cardboard within 1.2MM, labels, card stock, picture, laminated sheets within 0.4mm, PVC foil within 0.3MM, and more. Max cut 12 sheets of paper 70g m2 every time. It is better to cut less to prolong the blade's life.

To ensure the safety of our customers, we have implemented a blade-hidden design, which only cuts when you press the blade. It's very safe and protects the safety of the users, especially children.

Portable cutter with reasonable price and good quality: Lightweight and compact size, easy to store than the guillotine paper cutter, ideal for home, office, and school, Factory direct sales, good quality, and price.

The other feature of this trimmer is that you can use it to cut 45°, 60°, and 75° corners by using the angle guides of the machine.


Worklion Adjustable 6 Hole Punch  Metal Six Hole Punch For Planners, 6-Ring Enclosures, And 6-Pad Binders Pink

The sturdy six-hole punch is suitable for various uses, including Filofax, six rings a5, pocket-size notebooks, Franklin Covey planner, classic daily ring-bound planner, Kikiki k personal planner, and travelers journal inserts.

A hole guide printed on the base of the product makes it easier to adjust the distance between the holes. Each group has three holes spaced 19mm apart, and the distance between 2 groups can be adjusted between 19mm, 38mm, 51mm, and 70mm.

It is a handy 6-hole puncher with a non-slip rubber base, easy to clean detachable working parts, and you can empty the chip tray. You can use that at home as well as at the office.

A set of stretchable plastic rulers helps you fix different paper sizes, making punching more accurate.

The punch has a capacity of punching up to six sheets with 5.5mm diameter holes.


Worklion Rotary Cutting Mat Set: 45mm Rotary Cutter & 2 Replacement Rolling Blades & 18" x 24" Self-Healing Cutting Mat & 6.5" x 24.5" Clear Acrylic Ruler

The rotary cutter has a safety button on both sides and comes with a 45mm rolling blade that can cut multiple layers of fabric evenly and cleanly. I recommend this product to both right-handed users and left-handed users.

Three pieces of the three 45mm rolling blades are SKS-7 tool steel; the hardened blade is very sharp and durable.

This large 18" x 24" self-healing cutting mat features a measuring grid that is easy to read, has a non-slip surface, and keeps your cutting accurate and precise for a long time.

A transparent acrylic ruler measures 6.25 inches by 24.5" inches with precise grid lines measuring different angles. It could be beneficial for cutting strips and, as a grid, simplifying the process of cutting shapes.

It is the perfect gift for quilters, crafters, and hobbyists. Factory-direct sales, good quality, and competitive prices make this an excellent purchase.



Can I Buy Worklion Paper Cutter A4 Paper Craft Cutter With S On Amazon?

Yes, but at PricePulse, we tell you when is the best time to buy Worklion Paper Cutter A4 Paper Craft Cutter With S.


What Should You Consider When Choosing A Worklion Paper Cutter?

In addition to the four types of paper cutters mentioned above, it is essential to consider various features before selecting the best paper cutter for your particular project or task. There are many different kinds of paper cutters available, and each one comes with its size, cutting mechanism, and safety features. When you think about these features and decide what best suits your needs, you can make sure you select the correct paper cutter for your needs.


What To Look For When Shopping For A Paper Cutter?

According to estimates, the average worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Check out these things to look for when shopping for guillotine paper cutters. Estimates are that paper consumption increases by 22% on average for businesses each year. Consequently, paper consumption doubles every three years. The paper cutter you invest in should be able to handle the amount of paper you consume.


How Do You Take Care Of A Paper Cutter?

It is a handy tool to have a tabletop paper cutter, useful in offices and homes. On the other hand, one of the most frustrating experiences is using a paper cutter that is not well maintained or has dull blades. Regular maintenance, including sharpening the knives, is essential to keep the paper cutter in top form and avoid ragged edges of the paper.


General Maintenance

When you buy the paper cutter, read the instruction manual. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to take care of the paper cutter. Only use the paper cutter in the manner recommended by the manufacturer. If you can, keep it indoors on a flat, level, sturdy surface and try not to move it around if at all possible. Additionally, if you are going to move it, make sure that you lift it by the bottom, not by the handle of the cutting blade.


Keep your paper cutter clean at all times. You should avoid cutting paper with wet glue or paint on it that may ooze onto the cutter blades or cutting bed. Please do not attempt to cut a stack of paper or cardboard too thick for the cutter, as it can warp and dull the blades. Don't cut materials with a paper cutter, such as fabric or metal that won't miss with a paper cutter.


Keep the paper cutter clean by wiping it periodically with a damp cloth. You should apply a few drops of approved oil to the hinge and spring mechanisms to ensure smooth work. Replace the non-slip feet of the paper cutter if they should become dislodged from the bottom of the machine.

Blade Maintenance

The blades should be sharpened by a professional knife sharpener once a year or as often as necessary. It is not a good idea to do this yourself unless you are skilled in the blade sharpening technique; otherwise, you might damage the blades of the paper cutter. You may need to remove the edges from the paper cutter's bed to take them to the sharpening shop, following the manufacturer's directions.

Hardware stores or lawnmower repair centers can usually sharpen paper cutter blades for you. In addition, there are places you can find online to send your knives to for sharpening if you do not have a professional near you.