Kenneth Cole Black Eau de Toilette Spray Cologne for Men

Kenneth Cole Black Eau de Toilette Spray Cologne for Men


Frequently Asked Questions

how long does the scent stays on?

This somewhat depends upon HOW you apply this fragrance....much is the case for all fine fragrance in fact. If you tend to do as I and take a nice warm shower at the start of each day, which you'll follow by immediately towel drying (keeping your body warm), then just before you move to cooler air to dress, or begin your daily regime, NOW IS THE TIME TO SPRITZ YOUR PULSE POINTS and allow to air dry (DO NOT RUB THE FRAGRANCE AT ALL, this destroys certain notes of the fragrance & should be avoided at all cost).For me I spritz lightly across my upper chest (hitting each clavicle), I spritz lightly just below & slightly forward of each ear & then one spritz centered low on my neck between my shoulder blades followed by a single spritz on either side of my torso below the armpits. I quickly move to DRY, CHILLY AIR (usually under my ceiling fan) to close my pores and seal the fragrance in for the day. Over the course of the day, as I get warm, stressed or sweat ever so slightly, the fragrance is released little by little as well. This is the best way to ensure your fragrance lasts all day long.The very last thing I do after I'm dressed and ready to leave the house is I spritz my cologne once lightly over the front of my shirt & once lightly over my head where I let the very fine mist fall where it wants. That assures the fragrance is FRESH with all its notes accessible to anyone who should happen down wind from beginning to end of a standard workday.P.S. this probably sounds like I douse myself in cologne each day and NO! That is absolutely NOT the point I am trying to make here. The spritzes I use are small, light, directed and kept to a precise balance. There is definitely a method, and some fragrances require a heavier hand, whereas others should be used VERY judiciously! Starting with your pores OPEN following a warm shower is definitely the way to go to make certain your fragrance follows you throughout the day.

Why is the price of this is so much higher here than other sites? $70? Same product & size through walmart is under $40. Through others is even less.

I often try comparing price between Amazon and Walmart as I noticed some items on Amazon are sold up to 2 times more expensive even though they are same items.

Is for mens??

THE ANSWER IS YES & NO....this is clearly defined by Kenneth Cole as a "UNISEX" fragrance; which means it could be worn just as freely by men or women.In my most humble opinion; however, this fragrance is best suited to a MAN....and it is one of my favorites!

I really like Mankind does anyone think this is better? Ladies?

I am not familiar with that one, however I was looking forever for something to replace intuition. This is totally different, but it's a close 2nd!